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ANY other Ideas to find my cat??!

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My Indoor only cat escaped out a screen 2 weeks ago and I am heartsick, so far I have put up fliers everywhere, several ads in several places/papers, food, dirty litter, his bed etc...are all outside. I have searched endlessly day and night in the neighborhood, all shelters etc...I have not seen one sign of him nor gotten one call. I am at my wits end and I cannot imagine life without him, does anyone have any other things I can try!? I can't give up!!!!!!
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just be patient. i know how bad it is. my cat once left her 3 week old kittens for 4 days. that was really stressful. just keep putting up fliers and stuff. someone told me to to sneak around thru yards (dont get caught) at like 3 in th morning and look for her since cats are mostly nocturnal. that's the only advice i can give you. you and your cat are in my thoughts. good luck.
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My male cat Meir disappeared from my friends house for 5 days when i was cat'sitting' their house which was 18 miles away,(he jumped out of a window)

I put his litter box outside and refreshed it with a waterspray when it was dry,and God
willing he came back,It took me five days but hey!!! He was worth it!!
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An indoor cat that stumbles outside somehow usually hides nearby. Cats that go outside often will end up getting lost too far from home, but your cat probably never went far and if he did it was with the help of a person, hopefully well-meaning. Take out a picture ad in every paper that is distributed locally, and every free "lost pet" internet site.

Then go looking very nearby. I found my sister's cat under her house after I'd been out all night looking for him. Look in sewers (usually a cat would just get stuck in it, not washed out, as there's either a grate over it or the hole's too small) look in neighbor's sheds and garages (with their permission of course!) weird little nooks and crannies like under porches where they have latticework and such, etc. If nobody has taken him in or taken him to a shelter, he is probably nearby hiding, and he will probably not make any noise as he is scared.
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I know this sounds weird, but you might try showing a picture to the mail carrier. Mail carriers cover the neighborhood on foot and if he/she likes cats may notice a crying kitty somewhere.
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Post a flyer with a recent pic in all vets offices and animal rescues and shelters in your area.....and check the shelters frequently! They have animals comming in all day long. Also it's a longshot, but a good idea to post a "lost pet" add on www.petfinder.com it's free of charge and allows you to give info, a description, and contact numbers. It's worth a shot. Good luck!
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I second the litter idea------ he will be attracted back by his own smell
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I agree - he's probably hidden somewhere & may be frightened or trapped.
I recommend 1. alerting the neighborhood children and 2. ask for TCS Board Magic http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...Teufel+missing One of the best TCS miracles occurred when Fwan's Teufel went missing
I am sending {{{come home safely prayers & vibes}}} for your cat. Susan
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I would go out in the middle of the night with a flashlight, and walk around your neighborhood. Call the kitty softly, and listen very carefully. They often will answer you. Also, I was surprised how easy it is to find a cat at night with a flashlight. Even if they want to be hidden, the light reflects off their retina. Once my cat was missing and came back smelling of gasoline, so I'm sure she was in someone's garage.
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Another idea. Look around your neighborhood. Are there any sheds, cellars or other places where a cat can be trapped? If so, go there, preferably in the evening when it is quiet, and call as described in last post. Cats do like to hide and someone may have accidentally locked the cat in.
My late kitty Celia once got herself locked in a neighbor's garden shed overnight.
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