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No Buddha! That'd the dog's food!

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So my dog Val is mostly an outdoor dog when it is really nice outside but we bring her in when it is cold or at night.

the kittens have bowls of dry food up in my room and down in the kitchen for when they get hungry but the dog only has a bowl of food in the kitchen. every now and then the dog eats the cats food and the cat eats the dog food but now the kittens have started to munch on the dog food.

is this ok? should i not leave the bowl of food for the dog out? i know cat food has higher fat than the dog's does but is it ok for the kittens just to munch on it? they eat theirs too but they just kinda snack on the dog's
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What kind of dog do you have that has food left in their dish We have a lab with out cats and NO food is ever left in the bowl when she gets fed!

It won't hurt to eat an few bites here and there of the other's food, but its not good for a steady diet. Dog food has too little protein in it for cats and the cat food has too much protein in it for dogs.

I'd find a food your dog likes better so that his bowl is empty and the same with the cats - put their food up high so the dog can't eat it.

BTW our cat's food is on a counter top in the basement (new home) where the dog cannot get to it. And we are teaching her that she is not allowed on that side of the room to start - then we don't have to worry about her getting into the litter pan either. She's smart - she has not attempted to go on the other side and will only come in the basement if we invite her down the steps
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wow! well my dog isnt smart at all. her hobbies include chasing thrown objects anywhere they go even if that means right into the side of the stove . we feed val Iams. the dog doesnt eat the cat's food so much but the cats like to much on the dog's food (with a cat and 2 kittens there isnt really much left to munch on.lol.) i'll try feeding the dog at certain times so and not give her munching food but i can't put the kittens food up on the counters or anything cuz 1. the kittens cant jump that high and 2. mom doesnt want kittens on the counters. . thanks for the advice!
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Another suggestion (if the dog is not the size of the cats) is to get or build a box where you can keep the cat food in and only have an opening for the cat to get thru and not the dog.

That way the dog can't get to the food at all. Someone posted a box made for the cats for the litter pan so the dogs could not get into the pan. Would work the same for cat food

OR can you keep the cat food in your room and not allow the dog in there?
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omg the box thing is a good idea but my dog is a daschund so i dont know if that would work... i'll try it anyways. they already have a plate of dry food up in my room. the wet food makes my room stink. lol. thanks!
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Try a different wet food then - one they will eat and not sit around. When I was feeding wet, it never sat in the bowl more then 5-10 mins - I have vultures that would down it quick

Yeah I can see the doxie problem - they are too cat-like in size....and can see why you have food left
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