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would any health problems cause....

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this is a strange question. LOL

Would any health issues cause a "spay sway"? My cat is a thin cat, hasn't been fixed yet but about 2 weeks ago developed a spay sway. she is NOT overweight or even close to it at all.

Long story shortened for those that haven't read or don't remember. on April 25th my 3 yr old let her out (she is an indoor only cat) she was gone for 6 days and came home on May 1st. she went into heat a few days before she was let out (let out on a Tue morning and started heat that Sat or Sun.) she has not been into heat since. so this weekend is 10 weeks since she has been in heat. I thought for sure she was preg. her teats changed around 3 weeks or so from when she was let out/came home. She gained some weight and had a little pooch. But in the past 4 weeks or so her shape hasn't changed and her nipples haven't changed. so now NO clue why she hasn't gone into heat in almost 10 weeks. she is one that normally goes in every 2-3 weeks in the spring/summer (she is only 2 and money was an issue for the spay then she got out so was waiting for kittens or a heat to get her spayed haven't had either.......). Then she developed this spay sway thing.

Just wondering if any medical issues would cause her to stop going into heat and also get a "spay sway" (have tried taking a pix but it is hard to see in a picture). She hasn't had any other issues going on. One of my cats had the pyro thing (infection in the uterus) and this cat is showing none of those signs (that was years back since then all pets besides this one are fixed) so wasn't sure if it is something I should be really worried about and get her to the vet (she went twice last time about 3 weeks ago to see if they felt kittens and the vet didn't but said she may be preg. with 1 and it was hard to feel or what she thought was fecal matter may have been a kitten) for a full complete check up or what. I asked the vet when i took her the last time what would cause her besides preg. not to go into heat for 7 weeks (almost at the time) and the vet told me during the spring/summer most cats don't go into heat often......... I was VERY confussed by that and thinking of going to another vet after that statement. I was trying a new one since my reg. vet is extremely expensive......

so just wanted Ideas. I figured if no kittens by July 10th (70 days from the date she returned home) I would make a vet appt anyways. but if it could be something serious that has these symptoms then I will get her in this week.
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Low-cost clinics to spay your cat abound in most areas. If she is not pregnant, make an appt at one of those for very soon, they usually cost about 50$ or less. We can help you find one if we knew where you were.

If she's only having a small litter you might not have seen much change, and then she should be spayed as soon as they're weaned. Cats do not always have a noticeable heat, and can get pregnant any time whether they seem to be in heat or not, so its very important that you keep her inside.

The spay sway could be just a little poochy. Some cats just have them. Or it could be a litter.
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Bijou has "spay sway" and he's a neutered male. Mika (his full sister) on the other hand has none and she's a spayed female - go figure!
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I understand the spay sway can come at any time. but to suddenly appear about 2 weeks ago with her not being spayed is what confussed me.

She is an indoor only cat and my 3 yr old let her out April 25th and she returned home (we couldn't find her) May 1st so was only out 6 days.

most low cost clinics I have found all go by income and we make too much for it even though our bills are just about what we make, go figure. But anyways I do have the $200 or so that it will cost to spay her just didn't want to have her spayed if she was preg.

She has gone into heat for about 1 1/2 yrs and has NEVER once been quiet in her heat in all that time. she also spays when in heat (we did NOT have the cash to spay her earlier which is the only reason it wasn't done earlier) and my neutered male tries to mate with her and meows up a storm when she is in heat also and he hasn't tried in the 10 weeks. so I KNOW she hasn't been in heat in 10 weeks.

just wondering if there were any medical reasons that would cause this?

*edited to add*

she is eating great, going to the bathroom fine, acting fine, playing etc. just seems to sleep a bit more but could just be that I am watching her more now so notice it more.
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