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something happened to my cat... what?

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I have summer guests, well a young couple renting the garden level of my house, during the summer. They are both terrific however the male really likes my cat but doesn't seem to be interested in reading her body language. In retrospect I realize she was spending alot of time in my room and this morning when we got up and started downstairs, she was very very reluctant to come eat breakfast. She kept sniffing for him and wouldn't go near him. at one point she even hid in the corner. She has never hid before unless she was playing. I asked him is anything had happened yesterday and he said no, but clearly something did happen. I wish she could talk. They have left for a four day weekend and she is visably relieved to have the house to herself again. Will I ever find out what it is? I have hid her dangly toys from him so he will stop trying to get her to play. He teases her alot and uses a low voice. I always let her get what she is hunting for eventually and I think she prefers high perky voices. He also wears cologne, something my husband and I don't do. She isn't interested in the young woman either but she doesn't keep trying to engage her whereas the young man does.

Am I being too protective and weird? I don't want her upset or afraid in her own home. But I think telling him not to try to play with her or touch her would hurt his feelings. ACK ! HELP!
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This is your home, your cat your rules. Tell him that you would prefer that he not interact with your cat. Be polite but firm. Clearly something did happen and he could have tormented her when she didn't respond as he wanted her to.
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If he is upsetting your cat, I would see nothing wrong in telling him that your cat gets nervous with strangers. You can politely explain to them both that because of this if they could please just steer clear of your cat and let your cat approach them. Politely tell him that your cat was very nervous when they were there.

I have 5 cats, who take a while to warm up to anyone. So, anyone coming into my home know to please just ignore them and let the cats come to you if they wish, so that they do not have to be frightened in their own homes.

Some people do not know how to play with cats. Playing with cats and toys with strings on the end of them, for people who do not know, will just pull the string, which can injure a cat.

You may not know if anything particular happened, but I wouldnt feel shy at all about making your cat feel safe and secure in its own home. Thats just my opinion.
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If this cat was adopted as an adult then maybe this guy triggered something bad that happened to her previous. Could she have been abused by a man tormented by a man or even just lived with one that she didn't like. It is hard to say and if the guy isn't talking then all I can suggest is to keep her away from him.
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Thanks for emboldening me and giving me a really diplomatic way to tell him to leave her alone. I dont think he did anything puposely to hurt or scare her but he was probably overwhelming and overstimulating her. And you are right. this is MY house, My cat and My rules. amen !!
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Could be a number of things - the cologne may be the main reason - if she's "sniffing" for him, that would be my guess. Maybe ask him to not put any on and see how the cat reacts.

Or he teased her or hurt her (accidently or on purpose) and lied about it. You might never find out the reason. I'd just say that "well you know cats - they have a mind of their own; if she doesn't want to play, don't make her" and then keep the cat away from your guests till they leave.
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He's done something to scare her - definitely. Some people get a little thrill out of "spooking" kitties. Maybe he just thinks teasing is fun, but it's obviously not appreciated by your kitty.
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If they're renting part of your house I don't understand why they're interacting with your cat at all

It sounds like he did something. He might not even realize what it was though. Was she okay with him at first and then became fearful? If so it probably isn't how he smells. The way you say it makes me think it was something specific that happened recently.
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I wouldn't worry too much. Your cat has plenty of eascape routes. If she doesn't like him, she wont go near him. He seems to be a cat lover, maybe cats just dont love him ?
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Sounds to me like your cat is afraid of him. He might have hit or kicked her. When a cat is hit or beaten they become afraid of the person, because they are traumatized. Just like when you accidently step on your cat's tail and she runs off and hides. She will eventually come back to you because you are mostly kind to her and she "knows" you weren't trying to hurt her intentionally. But if you repeatedly did that, your cat would grow to fear you and hide from you instead of seeking you out.

I'd keep your cat away from them if I were you. It sounds like a bad situation.
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