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A kitten resuce

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I don't know if you all are following this blog. http://www.droppedin.com/2006/06/mal...tens_ever.html
It seems this kind soul rescued a kitten from sure death only to discover she had a broken hip. He has been posting daily detailing her progress. Now, he has asked for money. That seems to be going well for him and I think he's already reached his goal. What he really needs more than money, right now is the advice and wisdom I know this community possesses. Please drop by and read his site. I'm sure he'll appreciate all the advice he can get.
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How interesting. Malcolm certainly sounds like a reluctant hero, but he did save the kitty's life. I'm glad he has been able to raise the money he needs. Personally, I have only once donated to someone on-line, and it was a rescuer I had known for a while on-line. And she was asking for donations to be sent directly to her vet, in her name. So I was certain the money went to cat care. She also had an extensive web site, with lots of pics of her rescues.

In fact, here is the kitty I donated a small amount to...Bendy Kitty!

In general, I am way too paranoid to donate on-line! I think it is safer to donate to a local rescue, and I know the rescue I foster for could not operate without the help of lots of good people!
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I wasn't suggesting that anyone donate. I don't do that myself. I was hoping that someone could help him out with suggestions on helping this poor kitty be less scared. He seemed to be getting lots of mixed messages and I know this community would give him the straight answers he was looking for.
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