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Originally Posted by eilcon
Just had to share this. For the first time this morning, the little female let me pet her out in the open! She was sitting on the windowsill when I went into their room this morning, so I just approached her very slowly. She didn't move, so I reached out began stroking her. She tensed up a little bit at first, but quickly relaxed and then starting purring! I just kept telling what a good little girl she is, how proud I am of her and, of course, how pretty she is. She was just loving it! This made my day!
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More progress with my little foster girl this morning. She let me pet her again out in the open - this time on the floor! I just sat down near her, spoke to her softly, then reached out my hand slowly to touch her. I expected her to bolt, but she didn't!

Meanwhile, the little boy and Peter appear to have become buds. In spite of the less than welcoming reception he received the first time I let him with the kittens, Pete has insisted on venturing into the room. This morning I let him in and, when I went back to check on things a few minutes later, he and the little guy were hanging out on the couch together totally relaxed. Too bad I didn't have my camera handy, but I'll try to get a picture over the weekend. They were so cute together!
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As of yesterday afternoon my adorable little housegets are back in our main foster home. I'm really missing them a lot, but know it's for the best.
They'll get a lot of contact from our other volunteers now and get to interact with the other foster kitties. I'm amazed at how much progress they made in just a couple of weeks, especially the two more timid ones, who were the last to be trapped. These little ones are going to make wonderful, loving, playful companions for some lucky person(s). As hard as it was to let them go, it was so rewarding to see how they warmed up and became comfortable with me. When they first arrived I couldn't even touch the little guy who became Pete's bud, but by the end of last week I was holding him in my arms, scratching his cute little belly. He'd go completely limp when I picked him up and rest his head on my shoulder. The little girl had come around too and was starting to realize human laps are a good thing. I'd definitely like to foster again, maybe in the fall. Need to have that talk with my neighbor now.
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