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Vibes/prayers for Jean

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Just wanted to request some prayers for one of our coordinator's cats, Jean.
She's a sweet, pretty orange/white girl who's FeLV+ and was diagnosed with cancer today. Jean is terminal and the vet expects she only has a few weeks left. She's made it to 8 1/2 years old with no major health problems, which is great for an FeLV kitty. Please keep Jean in your prayers. Thanks!
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I will...

Have you looked into any herbal supplements such as milk thristle?
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Sweet Jean You are in my thoughts and Prayers

I will be praying for you Sweetie
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The poor baby; I'll keep Jean & her mommy in my prayers.
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Precious Jean is in my prayers for a calm, peaceful passing surrounded with love.
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Sleep peacefully Jean, when your time comes.

I'll keep you and your humans in my thoughts.
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It is so sad when that happens. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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They will both be in my thoughts.
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Poor Jean. I pray that her remaining days are peaceful and pain-free, and that her Meowmie has peace through this difficult time.
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Lots of vibes for Jean and Millie! I know she's lived a great life, hopefully her passing will be quick and pain-free....
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Lots of prayers and vibes for Jean's last days to be happy and a peaceful journey across the Rainbow Bridge when the time comes.
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Sending purrs and prayers to Jean and Millie and that their time left together be filled with lots of love and happy memories!

(I've read that the herb Ashwagandha has been very promising in treating cancer among FeLV+ cats.)
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Hi guys, thanks so much for all the prayers and vibes for Jean. She's weak, but continuing to hold her own. Millie and our vet have discussed various treatment options for Jean, but feel due to the progression of the disease, it's best to let her go. She's not in any pain and is resting comfortably. I'll keep you posted. Again, many thanks.
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Thank you for the update...
Sweet Jean remains in my prayers.
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