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Fun question *cattery names*

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What is your cattery name, and why did you choose it?
The cattery name I chose was actually our second choice, at first we wanted our theme around the movie "The Aristocats".
The name we did choose, pretty much fits us perfectly. We all help out with the cats and kittens as a family.
I thought this question would be a light, fun question for the breeders area. I look forward to hearing the names!!
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When we first started breeding, we chose the name Obsession simply because we had an obsession with Traditional Siamese. When we branched out and began breeding CFA kitties, the name was already taken, so we chose the name Serenade. We all know how Siamese like to "sing" to their owners!
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I have scottish folds so I really wanted something with a little scottish flair to it. I typed in Scotland in a search engine and found a lot of different landmarks....I decided on Loch Ness Pawz....It just sounds right!!
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As I was researching pedigrees to use in my program, I found that many of the well-known lines of old-style body-type Siamese cats were gone. It saddened me greatly but I remained filled with hope that something could be done to bring the standards for health and longevity back into the breed.

So, when it came time to choose my cattery name, one word came to mind ... Han. It is a Korean word which describes a state of mind - being incredibly sad while still filled with great hope. It just fit, but unfortunately, it was taken.

So, as a second choice, I requested and received "Old Style".
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I wanted something short so that I could add the cattery name to almost any cat I purchased from another cattery.

I chose TC - stood for "top cat".
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My cattery is now retired, but my cats are behind a number of active lines of American Curls around the world.

I chose Mihit, which is the name of an Egyptian Lioness Goddess, as she was part of a design on an unsual Tarot deck card that I liked (My birthsign is Leo).

Mihit has 'felt' right all these years, and it was a good fit for my cattery name
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I chose Captivating because that's just what Persians and Exotics are!
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I have really enjoyed reading about the cattery names chosen. You all chose very unique, wonderful names.
Golden Kitty, I understand now about the shortened cattery name. On most of our cats, mine won't fit, because of the length.

Wellington, my daughter is in love with the exotics all of a sudden, (from pictures). She is so excited to see them in person at the next cat show.

I think the name Loch ness pawz is very cute, perfect for the theme around your Scottish Folds.

The name Serenade fits Siamese perfectly. While growing up, family had a Siamese named JJ, and he loved singing. He was also very good at hiding and getting our feet, making us kids hit the floor laughing, and waiting for him to do it again.

Gaye, I can imagine your sadness. I think it is wonderful that you are doing your best to preserve the "old-style". While I love the meaning behind the name Han, and it would have fit so well, the name Old Style is also great and it describes your kittys well.

Pat&Alix, a very unique name for a very unique breed. Do you miss breeding, now that you are retired? Are you still owned by one or more curls?

It took us, (really, me) a very long time to decide on a name, I had so many ideas. I am now very happy with the name we did finally choose. LOL, I do think anreed's cattery name "Obsession" would have fit well with us too.
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I miss seeing newborn curl kittens and watching their little ears curl, I miss some aspects of showing, but I don't miss the need to sell/place my babies. I didn't like it, they weren't a commodity to me.

Oh yeah I have Curls Alix P. Curl is one, my first Regional Winner, she is now 12. The only non-curled ear cats we own are 3 rescues - one a blue tabby former tom about the neighborhood, an apparent japanese bobtail, and Frankie who we found was almost starved to death when we took her cream lynx point loveliness in. She spent the last 3+ months of my Patrick's life learning to trust that not all cats were going to attack her (nothing like being a declawed cat out on your own), and giving him little face washes. I think it helped that they were the same color and pattern, though he had very nicely curled ears. He was from my second litter ever, and died at almost the age of 19. Best ambassador for the breed personality you could ever meet.

Okay, 'nuff of memory lane. Yup, love my Curls.
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Hopefully she will have an opportunity she cuddle one!! (zot)
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I'm glad this question came up, since I always get asked about our cattery name.
We started breeding bengals in Hawaii, but now live in North Carolina. But since Hawaii was our home when choosing our cattery name we went with a Hawaiian theme.
Our cattery name is Kai Bengals, the bengal part is obvious. "Kai" means ocean or sea in Hawaiian. Our home in Hawaii was a few minutes away from the ocean and the town we lived in was called "Kailua", so we thought it would be appropriate to call our cattery "Ocean Bengals" or in Hawaiian "Kai Bengals".
After moving back to North Carolina, we decided to keep the name the same, since we live near a lake and Hawaii will always be our second home.
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My cattery name was really a no-brainer...'Masmera' translated literally from Malay to English means "golden red" or "red gold" (emas = gold, merah = red)...since I only want to breed ruddy/red abysinnians what could be more perfect? My 2nd choice was of course, "Meramas"! I'm glad Masmera was approved though, it has a much better 'feel' and 'sound' to it!
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Mine is retired also, but it was Klassic. All of my cats that I bred were registered with "k" names, Klassic Kia Kan Kut It, Klassic Kap'n Krunch etc...
Any cat bought from another cattery had that cattery name, then Klassic and something with a k.
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Kai, I really love your cattery name. I went to your site, and one your site is very well put together, but my favorite was looking at all of your beautiful Bengals. I was shocked at the gorgeous eye color as well. Do you get to go back and visit Hawaii often?

Abbysmummy, I learned a new word in Malay! You did put a perfect name for your Aby's. I always love seeing pictures!!
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My Cattery name is Passique Persians. I chose this because I wanted something unique and something different. I thought about it for awhile and Passique popped into my brain. At first I thought I am passionate about the persian breed and every one of my kittens has been unique in his or her own way. So I combined the two. I took PASS from passionate and IQUE from unique. Put them together and got PASSIQUE.
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I purchased my Ocicat from the cattery Lotsospots -- a very appropriate name for the breed, don't you think?
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Scamper Farms of course. Because thats what everything in our business life is called.

Scamper was my first dog growing up, i had her for 14 years. And she was the love of my life so i wanted her legacy to live on.

farms should see my house, lol
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