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What kitty litter do you use and why?

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We bought Swheat Scoop (I think that's what it was called), which is a wheat based kitty litter. It's flushable and clumps, so we can just scoop out everything, just change it fully once a month, and there's no problems with tracking.

I'm just noticing it's getting a little whiffy - especially if the house has been closed up all day, and our last litter wasn't like that. This is our first cat since we've been in the US, and I think there's a much bigger range of litter over here, so still deciding what I'll use permanently (lucky the cat's adaptable to changes).
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The new Fresh Step litter with activated carbon.

I tried it out because it was new and I always try out anything that is new. So far I am pleased.
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I'll move this to care and grooming for you
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I use “Words Best Cat Litter†(multi cat formula even though I have one cat) because it’s flushable.

The day I got my cat I sent my niece into the pet store to buy cat litter and food. I specifically requested flushable litter and that’s the brand she happened to buy.

It turns out that I really like it. More important is Chester likes it and has no problems using it. It’s made from corn but the texture is like what I remember to be good old fashioned cat litter but it lasts much longer. And because it’s flushable I do not have any disposal problems.

My apartment is closed up all day and night because I use the air conditioner all summer and I do not have any smell. Actually this is something that did concern me.

I don’t notice any smell but worried that it was because I am used to being here. So I asked my mother to check things out. She says my house does not smell. If it did she would be the first to tell me.
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I used to use Fresh Step but I cannot stand the chemically smell so I switched to Feline Pine or Exquisicat Pine which is the PetSmart brand I think.

I LOVE it, my cats love it (my foster prego momma cat doesn't like it much) but it smells so nice, a natural pine smell. The urine turns to sawdust and doesn't have the ammonia smell if you don't clean it for a few days like Fresh Step did. Plus they make special litterboxes (I don't have them yet but I am planning on getting some soon) but it is 2 boxes in one and the top one has holes in it so the sawdust sifts through and the pellets of pine do not. SO you can just dispose of the sawdust and not throw out the unused pellets in the process.
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I use pretty much any kind of fresh step scoopable and tidy cats scoopable, and I often mix them- start with a box full of fresh step and then add tidy cats after scooping.
I find that they are the best value for the money, and I usually have coupons for both of them. They clump the best and are pretty good for odor control. Each has pluses and minuses. I think fresh step clumps better. Tidy cats has a better smell (with the exception of small spaces, which is stinky) and it is less dusty. I really like the fresh step cedar scoop, because it has a nice clean woodsy smell, but it is more money.
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I use Tidy Cats Scoopable. Everytime I try anything new I hate it.
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WalMart's Special Kitty clumping litter - its good with odors and love the clumping litter anyway. I HATE regular clay litter
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I forgot.. I also use the exisiquicat brand once in awhile, its not bad at all and a good price. I just had some many fresh step coupons lately that I have like 10 boxes in storage right now! With four cats kitty litter expenses are high.
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I use the red Tidy Cats scoopable because Sebastian will not use anything else! It works well with the odor and clumping so he gets what he wants...LOL
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Cheshire cat where in New england are you/ im in RI
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Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Fragrance Free. We feel it is the very best hands down. Each time you scoop it's like a brand new clean box of litter. It lasts longer than others and always smells fresh.
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238
Cheshire cat where in New england are you/ im in RI
New Hampshire now (17 yrs) but before this I lived in RI (2 1/2 yrs) before that MA

Three more states to go!
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I use World's Best Cat Litter because it's flushable. Also, our former vet suggested we try something all natural because it might be causing some of Callie's constipation problems. I love the fact that we can flush it away, but I don't think it's helped much with Callie's constipation problems.

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Chn feed ... work like worlds best for 1/4 of the price...
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In the process of getting chicken feed, but the salespeople at the feed store(I graduated with them) like to play games with me. They actually know I don't have chickens anymore & find it funny I want the feed for cat litter.

Right now, I have 1 box Feline Pine for Twitch & Lily(upstairs), 1 box Arm & Hammer's New Natural Litter for Twitch & Lily(upstairs), 1 box Tidy cat small spaces for Lily(bedroom), 1 box Cat Attract for Ophelia(helped deter her from marking!), 1 box cat attract & Tiday Cat s/w crystals mix for Ophelia, 1 box tidy cats w/ crystals for Ophelia, 1 box tidy cats small spaces for Ophelia, 1 box Arm & Hammer's New Natural Litter for Damita & Chico(bathroom) & 1 box Tidy Cats crystals for Damita & Chico(bathroom). Plus, I have 1 litterbox in the garage w/ whatever litter's cheapest. I have 5 boxes in the shop with whatever litter's the cheapest, too.

I don't want to try WBCL because it's so spendy, so I'm just skipping it & trying chicken feed. I wasn't impressed with Scoop Away, Special Kitty, Feline Pine scoopable, or Swheat. The Swheat stunk to high heaven after a few days of use, even if I scooped 2x a day. The Feline Pine has an odd texture, so the blind foster cat & Ophelia won't use it. The urine smell gets really strong fast, so w/ Twitch & Lily's box I end up changing it 2x a week, so I am in the process of discontinueing(sp?) use of it. I think "normal" Arm & Hammer is OK, but wasn't overly impressed with it as it makes Lily sneeze. The Tidy Cats is less dusty. I like Arm & Hammer's new litter as it covers smell rather well for 2 cats pooping in 1 box in the bathroom(scooped 2 + x a day). The small spaces works OK in my bedroom, but Lily always poops before I go to bed so I scoop ASAP.

There's a novel for you.
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I don't know if I screwed up in buying the chicken feed but it was sooo bad. I scooped all the time and I could still smell ammonia when I walked into the house. I have 8 boxes for 6 cats but still. That means less urine in each box and the house reaked.

All they had at the feed store here was the one I bought and a medicated one. I didn't think the medicated one sounded right but was I wrong? I would love for the chicken feed to work because the price was amazing. But so far no way I will stick to Feline Pine. How is chicken feed on odor for you guys? Mainly the ammonia smell. Exactly which kind of feed are you buying? Why did I have bad luck?
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I am using WBCL and I love it for the odor control (absolutely no smell noticed in a small room in the summer) and the clumping. However, it is very dusty and I have little yellow pawprints all over. I am glad it is organic or I would be super worried about that dust.

I received two bags of Clorox crystals as a gift from a co-worker, and I have been hesitant to try it. First, I don't like that it is silica, and second, I didn't want the new little girl getting freaked by a new home, new food, new litter, etc. It is a sin not to use it, so I think I will donate it to the rescue group I work for. Has anyone used it? It is as good as it claims to be?
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Fresh step scoop-22 cats and i get SO SO MANY coupons from this company the litter is SO cheap after coupons/sales. Its my fav litter anyway because I love its odor control-doesnt get stale as soon as the other litters I have used. I also use tidy cats crystal blend clay for my two cats who are kept apart from the rest(they are cat aggressive) RJ
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I use Arm & Hammer and scoopaway. I like scoop away the best. It smells
better. but it sometimes stick to their feet.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
WalMart's Special Kitty clumping litter - its good with odors and love the clumping litter anyway. I HATE regular clay litter
This is what I use as well. I like it because it clumps but it has the tendency to track all over the house. So I mix this with Purina Clay kitty litter and so far the mix is awesome. Tracking is cut down, clumping is good, and my house smells just fine.
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not
However, it is very dusty and I have little yellow pawprints all over.
Usually I don’t have this problem. Or so I thought.....but somehow Chester got his foot wet.

This morning not only did I have little yellow foot prints on the floor, apparently he shook his foot and managed to fling little bits of wet litter all over the room.
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My little darling is quite the digger and flinger, and as much as I like WMCL it is so expensive everytime (like now) she uses her box and flings half of it out all I think of is maybe it would be cheaper to let her go on shredded dollar bills.....
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Fresh Step scoopable. I actually hate the new formula with the "activated carbon" because I think the idea is sort of silly and it seems dustier. The old kind would be dusty or chemically-smelling for only a couple hours after I dumped some new in there, but this new kind stays like that for a while. It's very subtly annoying. But it's the only kind Zissou's ever had and she has not once gone outside her box, so I'm not messing with a good thing.
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question for swheat users...Is anyones cat sick and eating it-one of my cats was in late stage kidney failure and a couple other issues(towards end diabetes and hyperthyroid...) anyway he started eating the litter so I had to dump it...I know the symptoms are eating alot but never had heard of cat turning to the wheat litter. RJ
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We're using Cat Attract now because Forest has litterbox issues, and the Cat Attract seems to help. I wish it was flushable, but oh well...it's their favorite if not mine. (Mine was the World's Best Cat Litter...flushable and superior odor control!)
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I use whatever is on sale, preferring clumpable. Do they make any other type? Currently I use Special Kitty Scented Scoopable...it's just fine.

I keep a small, lidded trash container with a bag liner right next to the litter pan and this makes it really easy to keep the box clean every day. Since I don't have a basement Pixel's litter box is on the same floor as I live so I like to keep up on it.

I don't have the best septic system here so I don't trust flushing anyway. I did like to use it when I lived in an apartment and then I kept her litter box right next to the toilet--such the elegant system.
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The grocery store brand of clumping litter. Despite its absurdly low price It clumps very hard and has excellent odor control.
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not
I think of is maybe it would be cheaper to let her go on shredded dollar bills.....
I suspect that some frustrated person somewhere is doing this as we speak.
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I buy Litter Select crystals.

I buy it because it comes with puppy pads to absorb the urine... however it doesn't do the best of jobs. I like this litter because it's easy to clean and there's virtually no odor. It also seems to last a bit longer without creating a smell outside the box.

When I go to switch this out I'm going to put some clay litter under the puppy pads to absorb any extra urine, other than the urine and the horrible smell when changing the litter I like it.
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