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Thrilled - Thank You

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I took your advice and left my new cat alone to get adjusted on her terms. She was totally hiding under furniture last night and I was so worried she wouldn't eat or drink.

Well, I stuck it out, left her be, read softly without looking at her, let her explore and never tried to pick her up or force any kind of physical contact.

And it worked!! She came out of hiding and started exploring and she finally explored me! I just got some head butts on my hand and elevator butt and she was purring. I just put my hand down gently - I never moved out of my chair but she moved herself around me.

It was so hard not to go after her, and I am sure this is just a small step and she might retreat again, but now I am so happy. And so glad I found these forums! Right now she is zonked out by my feet - outside her hiding place.. I can't move but that is fine by me. Thanks!

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what wonderful wonderful news

such a brave girl - I hope it continues
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That is such great news and keep up the patience. With cats, you truly build a relationship. And welcome to the cat world; I don't know how many times I've ignored a limb going to sleep or a cramp because moving would disturb the kitty sleeping on me.
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Isn't that wonderful! I'm so happy for you.
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That's great!
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Awwww!! What wonderful news! Patience wins every time!
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