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Problem With Bengal.

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I need help regarding my 18 month old Bengal Ringo
I have 4 cats. Amber a half siamese 5, Holly a silver point tabby siamese 3, Mia a black and white moggy ? (rescue cat probably around 2).
Ringo was introduced to them at 7 months.
He attacks my other cats and I can't seem to stop him doing it.
I have never experienced such problems with a cat. He attacks Holly and Amber all the time but not Mia? Holly is especially a nervous cat and always have been but she doesn't generally have a problem with other cats but she is really unhappy. Ringo is an indoor cat whilst the others are pretty much free to come and go as they please. The problem was so bad Holly and Amber had to be moved for a couple of month to recover from thweir almost constant attacks.
I really need to solve this problem because I want the problem gone and not any of my cats.
with thanks
Ed Goodchild.
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God - I wish I could help with the attacking thing - the only things are I can think of are:

Have you consulted a vet or behaviour therapist with Ringo? I understand cats can be given low doses of Valium to calm then if nothing else helps.

This might also be useful for Amber and Holly if they are getting stressed by the attacks.

I've heard there is an excellent cat behaviour therapist at Southampton University - maybe try that if all else fails?

Good luck.

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Hi ed.goodchild!

Is Ringo drawing blood? We have 5 cats, and 3 of them are bengals. The 2 are males and the third one is a female. The males like to attack Tigger, our female. Usually, they straddle her and attack themselves to the back of her neck and bite down. Is that what Ringo does? Our other 2 cats, Cinnamon and Fluffy are permanent residents in our bedroom since they have no defense mechanisims.... They dont seem to bother them anymore. I think that Ringo may be showing dominance. What generation is Ringo? Do you belong to Yahoo Groups? If you don't, join the Bengals-L group .... I belong there ....... It consists mainly of bengal breeders who usually have excellent advice ..... They have helped me out a lot with my bengals!
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Is he neutered yet? If not, that may be one of the problems. It sounds as if he is asserting himself to show who's boss.
It could also be that the girls come in smelling like strangers after being outside. Then the whole cycle starts again.
I would suggest that you let all of them out since the girls are allowed out. They will all be able to have more space and they will all smell the same.
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Thanks everyone,
Ringo is indeed neutered but he wasn't neutered until he came to live with us at 7 months (does this make a difference?).
When he attacks them he does jump on to them, holds them down with his mouth and he kicks with his back feet the fur literally flies and being Siamese they scream before and during the attack and it sounds like they are being murdered.
I have started to let Ringo out and it seams to be getting a little better with Amber because their greeting seems to be on more of an equal term but Holly just turns tail and runs for the hills. She then does not come home for hours and hours which is worrying.
Again thanks for your herlp if you have anymore ideas it would be greatly appreciated.
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I think you will need to re-introduce your cats. Please check out this thread and then go to the 3 threads it is linked to. They describe situations very similar to yours and give some excellent advice on how to make things better.

Good luck!

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