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Emergency cat not eating or sleeping

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My 3yr old cat was just diagnosed with severe asthma. It was completely sudden, just all of a second I noticed he couldn't breath.... the vet has us giving him 2 injections of Aminophylline a day & if we can get it down his throat Prednisolone 5mg twice a day as well as a 22.7mg baytril in the evenings. He's obviously not as bad as he was, but I've noticed that he can't lie down because it obstructs his breathing so much that he isn't sleeping. He has to just sit up all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do for him? he hasn't slept in 2 days.

We have a medication named baytril that says to give once in the evening. Last night we thought we gave it to him, but this morning we found it stuck to a blanket. I am going to be giving him half a pill now and half tonight instead of waiting. Does anyone have any advice on this? The dose is 22.7 mg.

We are sorry for posting this again, but we really need help. We've already seen him turn blue once
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It is very important that you give your cat all of his medicine exactly as directed. With a cat, the hard part of this is making sure he's actually swallowed it. Once you get the pill as far back in his throat as you can, hold his mouth shut and stroke his throat, like your petting him, or blow gently on his face which for some reason makes them swallow. If he is chewing on it or hiding it then he is not getting his medicine, which is dangerous for an asthma patient.

Now, I would get a second opinion. And if your cat is turning blue and won't eat, you need to go to the vet ASAP. Is your cat obese? He does look a little pudgy in your picture. This may be causing him breathing problems as well. You need to make sure your cat does not have an obstruction in his airway. I have asthma. Most people develop it slowly, not all of a sudden, and it shouldn't keep you from eating or sleeping. Listen to your vet, as always, but it doesn't sound like your cat has asthma to me, especially since the meds haven't improved it much.

Cats that don't eat for a while, especially overweight ones, are in danger. Your cat needs a vet.
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Tonight at 8 pm we put or cat too rest. He'll always be our little kitten (little K). In the end he was peaceful and finally able to sleep.

We loved you, you'll always be our
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Oh my gosh....Wow..this was sad.

I am so sorry for your loss. RIP peace sweet kitty.
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Originally Posted by georgethefish
Tonight at 8 pm we put or cat too rest. He'll always be our little kitten (little K). In the end he was peaceful and finally able to sleep.

We loved you, you'll always be our

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It had to rather shock you with your cat being so young and so suddenly ill. Your very beautiful cat will bi at the rainbow bridge to reunite someday. My best to you in this sad time.
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I'm so incredibly sorry you lost your Little K. His diagnosis and passing was so sudden. This must be extremely difficult for you and your family. Little K is in Heaven now, and in perfect health.
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Rest in peace little K, enjoy your perfect health at the bridge, and look after the humans who miss you so very much.
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I am so sorry you lost little K

Play happily at the bridge Little K

What your little K went through sounds very much what my Bronny went through.
She was diagnosed with a very unusual 'galloping'heart beat,which caused her to have breathing problems,after an x-ray and an ecg,they discovered something large in her chest obstructing her was inopperable.
she was on Baytril(anti-biotics)and prednilisone for her heart along with other medication.
She didn't have any symptoms until her last few days and it came on very suddenly.
She was unable to lie down and go to sleep and her heart and breathing caused her to pass out.
I thought i'd tell you this because at first she was diagnosed with asthma.
I hope this helps.
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Condolences on the loss of your kitty. It is so difficult when the vet cannot cure what is happening! My heart goes out to you at this difficult time!
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Oh my goodness this is so sad He's just a baby bless him

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge little K, the other TCS kitties will look after you at your new home
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Condolences on your loss of little K at such a young age. Asthma is so scary, and I know that you did the right thing, easing his suffering altho it meant shattering your heart. Sometimes, true love is, indeed, letting go. And he will thank you someday, when you are reunited again, this time forever!
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Little K...your were loved sweet darling.
RIP little angel.
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