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problem with cat's eyes

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I have 3 adult cats hanging around outside the house and have been feeding them for about 6 months or so now. Now we have 8 kittens and have been feeding the bigger ones as well. One of the adult cats just in the last week has come to the house with a strange eye problem. Both of her eyes are looking off to the side and her eyes were never like this before. It also seems like she can't see as well as she could before. It almost looks like she has 2 lazy eyes that never go back to their normal positions. I was just wondering if anyone knows why they might be like this because I don't want her to be in pain or not be able to see. Any input on what this could be would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm sorry I can't offer you any help, that does sound scary. Is there any possible way you could trap her and take her to the vet?

I hope someone with some ideas comes by... all I can think of is a neurological issue
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I also have something else to add to this. Her eyes look like someone took their thumbs, one in each eye, and pushed them towards the outsides of her head. It looks like her whole eyeball (both of them) is pushed out of position. I don't know what would have caused this but it is terrible looking and now it seems like she is having a harder time seeing. When I feed her she has a lot of trouble finding the food dish. I don't know, I just thought maybe this has happened to someone's cat here. Any input would be appreciated.
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If you can try and trap her and get her to the vet because it sounds nasty, poor thing

Bless your heart for feeding them though
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Maybe something neurological? Sorry I can't help.
But as someone else said, she needs to go to the vet to get it looked at - as do all of them to get sterilized.
Do you have any TNR or other feral programs in your area?
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A few things come to mind, but without a vet's assessment, it is only pure speculation.

Head trauma.
Bad sinuses causing fluid build up.
Prolonged high fever.
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Ear infections can cause some pretty weird eye problems too. One of the optic nerves runs right slong side of the ear canal, so any swelling in there causes pressure on the nerve. You usually get that quivery nystagmus but I wouldn't rule anything out.

Also- a client of mine just euthanized an animal with a brain tumor- towards the end it was forcing her yes apart like that.
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Thanks for all the input. My bf's mom had suggested maybe it was sinuses or a cold because now she is sneezing a lot too. They look like they are coming back into normal position a little but they are still messed up. I could definetly trap her, she is extremely friendly, although her 2 kittens she just had are not. She sits with me on the porch after we feed her and loves to be pet. I don't really have the money to take her to the vet right now. I don't really know if there is someone that would look at her for free or something. Anyways thanks for the help.
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