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Cod liver oil

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In some thread somewhere around here, somebody recommended putting a little cod liver oil on the cats' food.

How much?
How often?

Will it help with shedding issues?
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Deb. It was Hissy. She mentioned that putting a small amount on your thin cat's food would help put on weight. One of my cats is healthy and very active, but thin. I am calling the drug store today to have it delivered (They're bringing a prescription anyway), and I don't know the exact amount either. Hey, Hissy, are you nearby?
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And Deb, yes, cod liver is good for shedding issues and coat problems and overall health. You want to use just a really small amount at first. Just a few drops on their dry or wet food in the beginning until they acquire a taste for it as it is very concentrated and too much will turn a cat away from it for quite a while. Gradually when they don't object add a little bit more every time until you are giving them about a teaspoon per feeding, but this is done gradually over a period of weeks. If you wonder why, just you try and taste the stuff! LOL
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Foul Stuff.

And to think my mother used to feed it to my brother and I by the spoonful.

But as a result we've got really glossy coats - haha!!

Seriously, I never thought about it for the cats though. My Balie's always been a bit scrawny and sickly, I might try it.

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My mother gave me a tablespoonful every day when I was a child because I got so many colds. (It is very, very, fishy-ooooyuck!) She praised me so much for taking it without a fuss, that I pretended not to mind the taste. I got her back though; I left it on my lips, waited about 5 minutes, and then asked for a kiss! My mother hated the taste, but she laughed at my little joke every time I got away with it. I still got every cold going around, but she tried!!
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Now you bring up that it causes weight gain?!? That's the last thing Squirt needs! I finally remember the original thread, Hissy. It was in one that recommended cod liver oil over tuna for cats. I thought that they would like the taste.

My whole point is to find something for the monstrous shedding problem I have with both of my cats.
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It does not put weight on Deb. It contains essential fatty acids but it does not plump your cat out. I have giving it to all my cats for years and I only have one overweight one and that's Dunk and she is overweight because of abuse issues and nothing else.
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I guess you meant it would be good for the cat's overall health, Hissy. It was in answer to Carrie's thread, "One fat, One skinny." I thought it would be like that malt supplement, but I could have it delivered. I don't get out very much. So, it won't help put weight on? He's always been thin and active, but I think he should be heavier.
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It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, but that helps with blood flow, coat condition gives a nice sleek coat for short-hairs and stops the massive shedding on long hairs, and brain functions. If you want to put weight on a cat you can try nutra-yeast just sprinkle a small amount on their food but be prepared for them to turn away if you get to much of it on there. Gradually increase the amount over time. Cod liver oil will also help a weak immune system.
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Thanks for the tips! I'll order both.
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I would rather use fish (body) oil for the omega 3 fatty acids, since cod liver oil contains a lot of vitamins A and D, which are fat soluble. It is possible to overdose on these. If you feed a commercial food, it should have enough of these vitamins and there is no need to add more, at least not daily. The fish body oil doesn't have this problem with the vitamins, but it does help with coat because of the omega3 fatty acids it contains.
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Ok, Eeva, where do I buy that?
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Well, I'm not in the US myself so I can't tell you for sure, but I know that plenty of people get fish oil from health stores (or whatever the term for them in English is). You know, shops that sell various natural supplements and products. Over here pharmacies carry it as well, but I'm not sure about the US. You can usually buy it in capsules (just poke a hole in it, and squeeze the contents on your cat's food) but it is sold in bottles as well if you prefer that. It should contain some vitamin E to prevent it going rancid, and it should be stored in the fridge. It may be called fish oil, fish body oil, or you can get salmon oil, they all do the trick.
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" giving them about a teaspoon per feeding"

Each teaspoon of cod liver oil contains approx 3,920 IU's of Vitamin A and 85 IU's of Vitamin D. If there is only one feeding per day that's enough for one day. If you give that at two feedings, that's 7,840 IU's of Vitamin A and 170 IU's of Vitamin D which is way over the daily limit. The liver stores Vitamin A and it can lead to Vitamin A toxicity(almost fatal) if too much is given. So, only one teaspoon per day, not per feeding would keep it within a safe norm.
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I was in Sam's Club today and saw a large bottle of Omega - 3 fatty acid fish oil pills (the liquid-filled kind)... I almost got them to attempt to help with Oliver's shedding, but I wasn't sure if it was ok... I've heard of people using it, but didn't want to get it and then not be able to use it.... what's the consensus for the next time I make a Sam's Club run?? Thanks!
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give oliver some sunflower or olive oil same thing less vit issues I think.. What food soes Oliver eat
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Ollie's only on Meow Mix cuz I'm a poor college student and I can get 40 pounds of it at Sam's Club for $9... I know it's nowhere near the best food, but it's the best I can give him right now (sure better than WalMart's "Special Kitty" brand!)... good idea with the olive oil - It's probably cheaper than the pills anyhow...
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It is ... please check out something a little higher quality, try the house brand
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Sunflower oil has Omega 6 fatty acid but not Omega 3. Omega 6 does provide for a shiny silky coat but does not have all the entire benefits of a complete Omega source.

What is the house brand by the way?

BTW, Oliver is a beautiful ginger kit. I am also below poverty line and know how that feels...I buy a quality food but I feed alot less than I would if I were feeding Meow Mix. So, it all works out the same, you know? I would look into it
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I am finding that many "house " brands at the membership clubs are fairly decent..and they are very $$ conciencous
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Meow Mix is the only bulk dry food Sam's Club sells (at least the one in State College) and Oliver is free fed in a water-cooler looking feeder, so it's the best option for me right now... if I can manage to get a job (please pray! I've applied at petco here and that would be great) while taking classes, I may be able to afford something better... thanks so much for the compliment on Oliver - I've always thought he's very handsome (but then again, I'm his mommy, hehe) it looks like sunflower oil isn't the best idea, what about the olive oil?

Thanks all!
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I don't know. To be honest, if you have to feed the Meow Mix, I would go for the fish oil supplement. This way you know at least he is getting that.
I feed a food with Sunflower oil and Salmon oil added and I swear you will notice such a difference in his coat if you just go with that..But If I had to pick, I guess I would just buy the fish oil and put it on his food daily...

I saw a mini Oliver today when I went to pick up a new Cat Dancer (and this other stupid toy I got which was supposed to involve them for hours but they just sniffed and walked away from

I wanted him but BF said no. Pout.

I love ginger cats.
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I will probably go with the fish oil the next time I get out to Sam's Club - don't know how wild he'll be about it at first, but I'll ease him into it... my vet knows he's on Meow Mix and knows my financial situation and said of the lower end brands, its not all that bad - yes its main ingrediants are corn meal and the like, but she says thats better than brewers yeast based... he does get fresh tuna, chicken, etc whenever I make it for myself and the vet sees nothing wrong with him, I was just looking for something to help with his shedding and I've heard the fish oils have many other benefits as well

I too fall in LOVE every time I see an Ollie look alike! I actually saw one up for adoption here in State College that could have been his twin!! Unfortunately, I'm in a studio apartment, broke as it is and Ollie-man is FIV+... I think he's more happy as an only cat anyhow - he's King of the roost and even pushes my boyfriend out of bed so he gets ALL of my attention... it's always tempting though!
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