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feline asthma & sleep

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My 3yr old cat was just diagnosed with severe asthma. It was completely sudden, just all of a second I noticed he couldn't breath.... the vet has us giving him 2 injections of Aminophylline a day & if we can get it down his throat Prednisolone 5mg twice a day as well. He's obviously not as bad as he was, but I've noticed that he can't lie down because it obstructs his breathing so much that he isn't sleeping. He has to just sit up all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do for him?

PS We have a medication named baytril that says to give once in evening. Last night we thought we gave it to him, but this morning we found it stuck to a blanket. I am going to giving him half a pill now and half tonight instead of waiting. Does anyone have any advice on this? The dose is 22.7 mg.

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Oh the poor thing. Is it possible to find someway with pillows/dog beds to give him some way to prop himself up to sleep (i.e. have his head/top part of his body on the pillow). Just a thought. I'm sure some members with more expertise will be by with some suggestions.
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