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radio question of the day: 06/30/06

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We're about half way through the year.......did you get everything you wanted to get done in the first half? Any plans for the second half?
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I'm still trying to find my dream job.
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I'd really like to get some painting done around my house. (I've been saying that for 4 years!)
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I guess I have gotten everything done so far. I want to get back into school this winter...
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I need to repaint the kitchen, hem a pair of pants for Neil, finish painting and assembling my bulletin board.....
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not even close.......
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I didn't even make goals for this bad is that?
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my uterus is still empty so I guess not. and after 2 years of trying, it's almost not even fun anymore... almost...
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If I could I'd share my fertility with you, I don't need it anymore.

If it was possible to actually give your fertility up to someone else....wouldn't that be something.
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I made my goal of making it throught the first year of university and having decent marks.

Now for the summer I would love to finish painting my room and my son's room and I would love to do something with my bathroom and living room.

Then I just want to pick the right coarses and get a student loan for the fall and then make it through the next year of university.
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I took 1st 6 months off to be primary cargiver for my mom with intentions of returning to work in June on a special project I was asked to be part of-Found out just an hour project is pushed back to Sept. so I have the summer "off"
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I got married and that wasn't even in one of my New Year resolutions (and I had 44). So I got plenty done.
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I never make long term plans anymore, saves me from dissappointment if goals aren't met.
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I have kept most of my resolutions. I now need to quit smoking.
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I certainly haven't accomplished all my goals and have plenty of aspirations for the remainder of the year!
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I was supposed to graduate this summer but I am lazy compared to other grad students. I like to take it easy especially since one guy I knew committed suicide and another died of a heart attack.

It is all about taking it easy for me.
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Nope, sure haven't
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I did make the quit smoking resolution, not been succesful there.
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I don't even remember what I wanted to do in January! Let alone if I did it or not!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
my uterus is still empty so I guess not. and after 2 years of trying, it's almost not even fun anymore... almost...
Thank you. I don't feel so alone. I had to politely ask my sister and father to stop asking "so how is it going" Now I don't feel like talking about anymore. I think I should just let go of it.

On a brighter note my husband and I are right on track for our goals on his new cooking school and catering business and look forward to the next six months.

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