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Our new furniture is here!!!!

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Our new furniture is here. Now, our livingroom is small, so the room is going to look "cozy" but here it is!!! I love it! The pillows and throws were from the old furniture, so probably will end up changing we're still looking for new curtains..............

See any kitties????

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Great new furniture!! it looks like your furgang is giving it the thumbs up too!
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Thanks Tracy.......they love it too!
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Well it has the approval of the whole family!! Looks like the set is a keeper!! I lvoe it!
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It's beautiful furniture, and it looks so comfortable.
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Looks great Susie!
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It looks great, Susie. I had to laugh at the cats checking it out. I know some people who are afraid that if they get new furniture it will devastate their cats. IME, they're the first ones to try it out!
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ooooooh I really like that. I love the colors.
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I think it is time for spaghetti and Strawberry daiquiries at Susie's house!

It really looks great and I hope you really enjoy it.
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Love it!! Looks like kittys approve to.
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Just in time for Trixie and Bailey's birthday bashes!
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That orange kitty looks so proud!!!!!
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Looks great! I didn't spot Petals in there. I hope she isn't too embarassed about her chin!
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