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I'm really annoyed at the moment. I just went to the site where I found my 2 kits (sixth sense?) and I found that the woman i bought them from ALREADY has new litters up for sale! I've had the kittens a month! She must have so many intact females because none of the litters she's sold so far look at all alike. I know you get variations but some are sleek and lithe while others are cobby puffballs. I think she just has one male that she breeds to all her females as all of them are advertised at "part bengal" like the dad of my 2. I shouldn't be surprised, i'd already worked out she was dodgy, but this just takes my breath away.*end of rant*
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Yep, a BYB
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Couldn't really be more of a BYB, really. Anyone who is not breeding full purebred, registered, papered cats is a BYB, so the fact that she advertises them as "part-Bengal" means that her cats are all moggys. Which I personally love, but there are millions of them who are already homeless and nobody has any business breeding them on purpose. Your suspicions are undoubtedly correct.

I'm so sorry you feel cheated and upset about it. Did you visit the cattery before adopting your babies?

I hope your cats have long healthy lives with you. Next time you want a new addition, why not go to the shelter and save a life?
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