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Pictures, Pictures . . . HELP

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I've just been looking at the mega-thread on pictures - problem is, I CAN'T SEE HARDLY ANY - THEY ARE ALL RED CROSSES IN WHITE SQUARES!!

Anne - can you include them all in your members gallery then those of us with retarded computers will be able to view correctly.

Fantastic thread though - it was up to 32 pages when I left it - probably in excess of a 100 now!

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Good question, Yola. I see a bunch of the dreaded red x's on the earlier pages too. A lot of people used to have their pictures at photopoint, which went under. Perhaps that is why. I don't really know.
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If you right click on the picture there should be and option to show picture.

Does it show when clicked? If it does show up and your using Internet Explorer try going to up top menu.

Tools/Internet options/Advanced/Make sure Show Picture is checked then click apply and reload page to see if the pics show.
Hope this works out for ya.
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Thanks Bill - tried all your suggestions, sadly no go.

I'll hope that Anne puts them on the closed thread with all the other pictures at some point.

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There will be no 'right clicking' here. I am a Mac person. And let's not get into that debate.

Anyway, working on a solution with the other mods. Stay tuned!
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Deb - do you have that debate too?

We have 2 design studios here where I work. Traditional who use MAC and New Media who use PCs.

Sometimes it is out-and-out war when the begin to get passionate about their machines.

Personally, I think the should just take their anoraks off and chill - haha.

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