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Volunteer Work

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I am thinking of doing some volunteer work with this organization, but I want to be sure before I commit.


Can I hear from the people who volunteer with animals? I know that some parts of it might be hard, but also very rewarding. (At my job, I hear about child and elderly abuse on the phone, but I can't do much about it except refer them somewhere else.) I want to be able to do something about animals who need help. Thanks!!
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I wish I could help, but I don't volunteer with animals. I have enough trouble trying to keep my household running... I do other things through my company, like United way campaigns, JDRF, etc. But nothing for the animals . Good Luck with your search.
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I do volunteer work for a rescue organization and I find it to be very rewarding. I'm currently fostering and have had a number of lovely animals through my home. I'm going to have to take a break from it when my tenant moves in in September, but I hope to be able to still volunteer at the adoption fairs etc. Be fair warned though you are going to get attached to some, and have your heart broken when others don't make it or get adopted. But i know they appreciate all the love they get!
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I volunteer with a small TNR/rescue group, mostly socializing feral kittens, cleaning kennels, and transport to/from the vet, but have also fostered a couple of kittens. I've found it to be incredibly rewarding to see a feral kitten blossom, learn to enjoy human interaction and be adopted into a loving home. I also love seeing our adult cats, many of them abandoned pets, get a second chance in a loving home. It's so hard at times too. I've seen many cats that were neglected or abused due to human cruelty and ignorance. It can make you so angry and helpless knowing that you can't help them all. It's important to focus on the successes and the cats (and people) in whose lives you can make a difference. That's what keeps me going. Good luck!
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I volunteer with the local HS. I work mostly with the cats. We take in not only surrenders, but also any strays that are brought in or picked up by the police. I get the fun job of having quite a bit of input on whether a cat can be saved or whether or not it needs to be pts. It stinks sometimes, but I still love to go. I foster as well, but my fosters may not ever get adopted(which I'm content with).

I say go for it. It will be tought to loose a cat, but it really is so worth it. Just think, if you didn't care about them, would anyone else?
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I volunteer with my local non-kill shelter and love it. It used to be a kill shelter and it was so bad a local foster group and others had it shut down. You couldn't go in there without coming out crying, it was that bad. Now, they re-modeled the building and the lady who runs the shelter is AWESOME!! She spoils the dogs and cats to death, of course I get to help with that, too. The kittens have free roam in their own room and the cats in their own room. The dogs have their own play park and we have a play park pal list so we make them more comfortable/happy playing with a dog they get along with and have a blast with. It's really rewarding. Sure, it has it's ups and downs but I do love it.
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I volunteer everyday a a no-kill mostly cat rescue named Pets/Friends for Life.

I find it extremely rewarding.. and of course it has it's bad sides, but no matter where you go or what you do, those will always be there.

I am currently fostering three 22 day old babies, that need to be bottle fed, and it is an extremely rewarding experience, no matter how many times you do it (this will be around 20 I think) no matter how stressful it can be at times
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Thanks everyone...I love hearing about everyone's experiences. I wish I didn't have to work full-time, so I could volunteer full-time, but I know that any time I have will help.
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I do hope you can volunteer, I foster and I love it. I am odd in that I dont get upset when my fosters go (although as Tom has been here 11 months, he might be an exception), as I see it as I am just a temporary home for them, and when they get rheomed, it is the start of a new life for them - and hearing updates is always wonderful. I did used to go to a local shelter who had animals other than cats, but didn't quite have the time with fostering and working full time - now I have a car and can do the shopping during the week, I might try it again.
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