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We're thinking of getting another cat...

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We are considering getting another cat. I've read the article on how to introduce the cats, but I have a few other questions. Our current cat is 9 years old. We had him and his brother for a couple of years but, when we moved, we left them with my MIL temporarily and his brother ran away. We couldn't find him so Cooper has been the only cat ever since. Now for my questions. If we do get another cat, would it be easier on him for us to get a kitten or an adult cat? Should we get a female so there won't be a fight to be the dominant male? (Cooper is neutered and the new cat will be fixed also.) Will it even be possible to get another cat with Cooper being an only cat for so long? Cooper has always been an indoor cat and he's quite spoiled. He's been with us longer than our children! If we do this, I want it to be as easy on him as possible. TIA for any insight!
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Hi Ann! I just did the same thing (got another cat when my resident cat has been the only one). Our new cat is a 5 yr old boy and our resident cat is a 4 yr old girl. They haven't been introduced yet b/c I'm following the advice from that same article. I would recommend definitely getting another adult cat, because kittens are extremely playful and would bother an older adult too much. A girl would probably be better to get for a boy, but it could probably work either way. Good luck!
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For the 'girl's' sake, I'd get another male, maybe younger. Males and females tend to either ignore each other, or the male outright asserts dominance, or the female treats him like he's dirt. Two males will also (eventually if not immediately) fight for dominance, but at least they'll be more evenly matched and may be friends as mine are (and aren't, depending on the day!). But that's just my experience.
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I don't think sex makes any difference all. What matters are the cats individual personalities. I can argue every way possible between my 6 cats and my moms. Some of the girls accept each other some fight, some of the boys accept each other and some swat a bit. My males are the most friendliest and affectionate towards each other. But then some of my females are really the same way. It just depends on the cat and how you introduce them. I just sort of threw all mine together and let them deal with it. Which is the WRONG way to do it I might add

All I can say is since your cat is older, I would not get a kitten. It's playfulness may annoy the crap out of the older cat. However, if your cat is really really playful then maybe go ahead and get a kitten.
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I'd try to get a been fixed for a while adult cat(sex won't matter as much if the cat has never been a fighter outside) I personally think if given enough time very rarely will new cats not get along/or at least learn to tolerate the others. And also make sure there is an extra set of bowls/litter box when you allow them to mingle. My cats are sorta immune to new cats(they look at them odd for a day-maybe wondering if they do know who it is or if a new cat was added? RJ
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