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ilovecats isnt taking private messages...I hope her mailbox is just full and all is well........
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I just saw this and hope everything is well!
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First time I've seen this as well, I hope Orei is ok
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Originally Posted by reddicequeen
ilovecats isnt taking private messages...I hope her mailbox is just full and all is well........

Jenny is under 18, so does not have th PM privilage.

I am getting worried though, hope Orei is ok.
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Oh gee nothing yet? I keep looking to see if there's any kind of news..
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
Last night I couldn't find Orei, and he hadn't come when I put dinner down, which he always does. I finally found him, but he was limp, with burning paws and forehead. (Fever?) He's vomiting, won't eat or drink. I'm extremly worried, of course. I'm bringing him into the vet today. The only thing I can guess this is...maybe a furball is stuck in his throat? I'm so angry with myself...I feel like I could've prevented this, but there's so much going on. The worst part is, my family's leaving on a trip today...I'm coming back this weekend, and my parents are going for two weeks. I don't know what to do. Help, please.
I just now saw this thread. I'm just guessing, but I wonder if Jenny hasn't posted any updates because she's been out of town on her trip and Orei's been hospitalized and then was boarded at the vets??????????????

I hope he's ok...please update us!!!
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Best wishes and I hope everything turned out okay with Orei. Anxiously awaiting news as it's been a long week.
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I really hope all is okay. Sending positive thoughts.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
If you have a regular VET - just take him in - don't wait for a call, they will take an Emergency!!!!!
No, this is not necessarily true! Regular vets are rarely open 24 hours a day and when they are open, they are usually booked up with appointments. Additionally, most regular vet hospitals are not equipped to provide true emergency care. *Never* assume that your regular vet can see your pet on an emergency basis. Always call ahead and ask. They will either tell you to come in or refer you to the nearest emergency hospital. And if the regular vet is not open, they will almost always list the phone number for the nearest emergency hospital for after hours emergencies.
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I hope he did not die. And she telling us about it?? I hope he is ok. Hang in
there little guy.
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