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Last night I couldn't find Orei, and he hadn't come when I put dinner down, which he always does. I finally found him, but he was limp, with burning paws and forehead. (Fever?) He's vomiting, won't eat or drink. I'm extremly worried, of course. I'm bringing him into the vet today. The only thing I can guess this is...maybe a furball is stuck in his throat? I'm so angry with myself...I feel like I could've prevented this, but there's so much going on. The worst part is, my family's leaving on a trip today...I'm coming back this weekend, and my parents are going for two weeks. I don't know what to do. Help, please.
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This sounds like an emergency...
There is only one thing you can do...
Get Orei to a good vet immediately.

If Orei is not stable, be sure to keep Orei at a hospital with 24 hr. care while you are gone.

Let us know what you find out.
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Try to calm down a little, Orei will pick up on your stress. The vet will be able to tell you what is wrong. I am glad you are getting him in today! You're doing the right thing. Are going to be leaving Orei alone while you go out of town? What if he requires medication?
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Thank you so much. *takes a deep breath* I hope that's an option.

(Staying overnight at the hospital. It's just one night, or two. I believe.)
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I'm glad to hear that you are going to get Orei to the vet...I'm sending many prayers to the both of you!
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Jenny don't worry sweetie, Orei's going to be in the best place. You've done the right thing by taking him to the vet straight away
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You're doing the right thing taking Orei to the Vet Jenny. I hope that it all goes ok. Is there anything in the house that Orei could have gotten into - chemicals, cleaners anything like that. Have a look round where you found him - that kind of information could be useful for the Vet.
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No, I just found him under my mom's bed, luckily. Poor kid was completly out of it.

I'm scared...this sounds pretty immature of me, but it just feels like a smack of reality...I mean, when it happens to someone else's cat, I just want to be there to comfort them, and help the best I can. But when it happens to one of my babies...I'm at a loss for words.
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We called a few emergency numbers...as soon as someone calls back, we're leaving. *prays*
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Prayers are coming your way.
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If you have a regular VET - just take him in - don't wait for a call, they will take an Emergency!!!!!
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Try and get him to the vet Jenny sweetie asap and keep us informed.
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We got the call. It's 7:30 now, our appointment is at 10:30. I don't want to wait that long...but we have no choice.
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Jenny is the vets surgery far?. Anything urgent like that they would usually get seen to straight away at mine and people who are in the surgery for shots etc... understand that they may have to wait a bit longer, it's happend to me when an urgent case has come in.
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Jenny, I agree with the others... I know it might be hard to convince your parents, but please just take him in without waiting for your appointment. This is an emergency.
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How is Orei????
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Take him in now and ask them to work you in. They generally do it. Sounds like he might have gotten into something toxic.
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praying for sweet Orei to be ok... it seems like these things happen at the most inconvenient times, doesn't it?
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Oh no! Poor Orei , am sending lots and lots of good vibes his way.
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Any news? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Orei.
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Aww...poor little sweetie. Keep us updated on how he's doing, ok? Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Hun.
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i wonder how he's doing...
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Yes would love an update, Jenny.
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anything new on baby Orei????
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how is your baby?????
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I just saw this - I hope all is well now.
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Oh I hope he's ok, Orei please be alright. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
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Hi there

Any news on Orei? Is he doing any better? What did the Vet have to say?

I've been thinking about him ever since you first posted.
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It look like Jenny has not posted since June 30th.
Does anyone know how to contact her?
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I wish I did...I'm hoping it's not because a result occurred that she can't handle talking about.

Oh, I hope she posts soon...
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