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Help w/New Cat Needed

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Hello --

Yesterday I received an email through a network of people that help out with animals in need. Some guy had his cat at the local humane society and was going to drop him off if no one could take the cat in, so I volunteered to foster the cat.

I picked him up from one of the women late yesterday afternoon. The owner had dropped the cat at the woman's office, and unfortunately very little is known about him (the cat, not the owner!). He's about 5, a very large cat (I'd estimate a good 15 lbs.), not current on rabies, but has been an indoor cat his whole life and a family pet. No one was even clear on his name -- they think it was Moo-shi or something like that, but I renamed him Moose because it's appropriate and easier to pronounce. =)

Moose is a VERY unhappy camper. At the office, he was allowed out of his small carrier, but when we tried to get him back in it, Moose got *very* aggressive. He hissed and growled and managed to scratch everyone that got close to him. He even charged people, with claws unsheathed.

I brought him home and left him in his carrier because, quite frankly, I'm afraid to set him free in my bedroom and have him charge me if I enter. I tried to give him some chicken baby food through the carrier door, but he wasn't even slightly interested. I can't even open the carrier door to put a water bowl in there because he will lunge at the door as soon as my hand goes near it.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should proceed with Moose? I have a larger carrier that I can transfer him to, provided he doesn't try to kill me in the process. He really needs to have his nails clipped soon as they are razor sharp and long. If he weren't so big, it wouldn't be a problem, but his size and aggression are pretty intimidating.

Thanks for any suggestions,
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Good for you for offering to help!!

I am sure the poor guy is terrified!! But that does not mean he will not be a sweetheart once he calms down and gets settled. I would think a trip to the vet would be in order first, as you want to make sure he is healthy. And also to get him neutered if he isn't already.

I would think you could then transfer him to a larger kennel or maybe your bathroom. The kennel might make him feel trapped and add to the aggression. Set him up with a litterbox, food and water and just take it slow. He will come around. And who knows if the guy was mistreating him too!

The night my best friend died, and I was the one who found him, I brought his cat home and set her up in the bathroom. She started to growl and freak out and when I went to move her to the living room later, she saw her relection in the mirror and freaked out and scratched my face. I was so upset that it was never going to work! But she was just scared and confused. She is a sweetheart now and gets along with everyone else. It just took time.

Just be patient and good luck!!
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Why should you want him in a new carrier? He is already in your home isnt he?

If it isnt necessary being him in a carrier, let him loose where you want him to be.
Simply open the carrier and go away. Let him be there some ours alone till he calms down and sees nobody threats him.

If you must have him in a cage, try with a clean dog crate. they are big enough.

Edit: It is standart to let the vet look at all new cats. But as you are sure he is a strickt indoor cat and supposed to have good health, it it perhaps not that hurrying??

Do you have own cats? Are they fullvaccinated?
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