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Kitty shopping

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I was looking on ebay, and browsed around here, but have come up empty-handed. So, with that in mind, I was wondering if you wonderful TCSers can offer me so help. I'm looking for cat stuff, but kinda unique. Beds, bowls, toys, furniture, whatever. I was hoping for an "all-around" kinda site so I could order thing's all at the same time. I was curious if anyone had any links to kitty shops like this, or, well, anything really. I need some new stuff to look at! -I hope this is ok to post here. If not I apologize, and move as needed-

Thanks a bunch!
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I'll move you to care and grooming where more advice can be given

Have you had a look at the "Market Place " forum here?.
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Have you checked out "Plain Brown Tabby"?


I highly recommend them!
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This isn't an "all-around" site, but for some of the most unique, custom made yet affordable collars, check out www.ragtimepetcollars.com several of us here have ordered from her and not only is the product amazing, but the woman (Jennifer) is extremely nice and will go out of her way to make your collar exactly how you want it. She has DOZENS of fabrics to choose from and you can even ask her to look for a custom fabric for you (she did for me, and the collar is perfect!). She makes the collars and harnesses and leashes to match - they're very good quality and hold up very well.

I'm trying to think of any other unique sites I can come up with!
(I'm on a new laptop and don't have all my saved pet favorite sites, yar!)
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It's not cat specific but I get most of my animal supplies from Pet Edge- nail stuff, ear stuff, toys, treats, beds, tunnels, etc.
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I just bought my new kitten a collar from this site. She only sells collars and treats, but they're really beautiful. http://www.lindsaydesigns.net Plus its one of the few places I've seen where you can get collars small enough for kittens.
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well, i bought a cat tree from ebay - wonderful! i have 2 'donut' type beds & several small quilts that i got from catinthebed.com - she has premade stuff as well as custom orders. i use the little quilts to put on the furniture. that way, when i have human guests, i can just remove the quilts & the surface is mostly hair-free. i also buy some things from drs.foster & smith, & several places for online cat food. toys & treats from plain brown tabby & vir-chew-all enterprises.& then, of course, petco & petsmart, both of which are within a 25 minutes drive of my house. hope this helps!

edited to add: forgot - i usually buy their collars, beastie bands, from robbinspetcare.com - they let you choose the color & design.
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Oh wow! I wasn't expecting so many responses. WEE!! Ok, I have a ton of stuff to look at now. Thank you so much guy's, this is awesome.
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