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Dealing with two cats...

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Just recently we moved Shermie up to the adult cat food - while he was on kitten chow we would just watch the two of them eating to make sure KC didn't steal Sherm's. We're still having a problem though. Both cats have their food and water bowls in different bathrooms - we feed them at the same time with the same amount. However, KC seems to finish much quicker than Sherm and slowly finds his way into Sherm's room. Shermie's not much of a foodaholic - he'll simply eat enough. KC though loves to eat and will eat everything in sight - including Sherm's food. How does everyone else here cope with feeding more than one cat?
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Tolly eats the others left-overs, but as his weight is fine I let him get on with it.
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Willow has a go on everyone else's food too! His size and weight are fine, so I let him have his own way!

We always have bowl swapping at meal time! Everyone sems happy and content, si I'm sure they're all getting the amount they want!
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my cats have dry food available all the time and wet as a treat a couple times a week-I put down a couple puppy tins for them all to share out of. when I had 3 cats(two loved wet one hated it) I'd put down 3 bowls-the piggy cat would eat his first bowl then move to next-thinking he was getting more and that gave the slower cat more time to eat(it was always the same food in bowls) Now I put down 6 cans in each plate-3 of one flavor 3 of another. RJ
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I never had those problems, even when I was fostering 5 cats. I fed them on a schedule, with the greedy ones who wanted all of the food to themselves fed seperately.
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I feed them separately (but in the same room) and watch over them. They both think the other's is more interesting than what they've got, but if either wanders over to the other I just pick them up and put them back at their own bowl! If I'm right there they tend not to try it on though as they know what will happen They do both take approx the same time to eat though and polish off their respective bowls so there's no issue with leftovers.
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