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Cat pooping NEXT to litter box

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I'm new to this forem and have a problem with a new one year old kitty in our home. She urinates in the litter box, but poops about 4 inches from it. I clean the boxes twice a day and the previous owner said she didn't have any litter problems at her home. She did just fine the first week with us, but has started this behavior the past few days. I should mention that she was just treated (two days ago) by our vet for ear mites. Otherwise she was healthy. Could she be simply saying that she's unhappy about the medicine?

Should I see what happens after her ears are cleared up or should I look at some behavior modification measures?

Thanks for any ideas you have.

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I have a few ideas however I think you should always consult your vet to make sure everything is ok. You might consider getting a second litter box. My cats were using one box for their pee and another for their poops. They are certainly characters! She may not be feeling well so you might want to talk to your vet. Also, you said she was a new cat. Is she the only cat or do you have more? And I think you mentioned her living somewhere else before you adopted her. Did she have other companions, or an only cat there? She may be having problems adjusting. Let us know what happens.
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Somtimes just getting a larger box helps. With a large cat or one who doesn't squat well, they will accidently hang their bottoms over the edge of the box. But, if you use a really big box, their whole body (including bottom) will stay inside when they squat.

Not to be gross, but does the poop look normal? The one time my cat did this, I was shocked! Then when I looked at the poop I noticed blood! It turned out that she was sick. Once she became healthy she never did it again.
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I have one cat who backs up in the litterbox and poops over the side( thank goodness not every time). A bigger or taller box helped. Also putting the box in a corner so she can't back up thateasily.
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