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I'm afraid to use a harness!!!!!

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Hi - I'd REALLY like for my cats to be able to go out, but I live in a city near traffic. I'm afraid of them getting out of their harnesses!
Has your cat ever gotten out of its harness? I'm really curious to hear...
I have the "Size-Right" kind from Petsmart, made of nylon webbing (3/4 inch wide or so) and goes around their neck, and then in front of back legs, and is adjustable. (I think maybe called figure 8 type?)But I'm really scared they might get away! Ideas?
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My cats have never gotten out of their harness but I also make sure it's on them snugly so they can't slip out. I use one of the two piece harnesses where a strap goes around the cats neck and another goes around the chest just behind the elbows.

I've heard that cats can easily slip out of the figure 8 harnesses but then I've heard that they're the best type of harness.
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my cat has a harness and she is navar gotten out of it.
my cats harness is like the one BadHahit.s use,s in her post.
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You can always run a piece of rope from the band that goes around the chest to the one that goes around the stomach and tie it off. This will secure the harness to the cat. It is how I used to have to do it when I took Smudge camping with us.
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Thanks for everyone's replies!
Jessica/Badhabit- What is a two-piece harness?

The rope idea is good, but I need to figure out where to tie it...
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Well it's not really two piece... It has two straps which is what I should have written in the first place. It looks like this...
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My sneaky cat Vader has gotten out of his harness before.
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badhabit, what size do those come in? will they fit a 15+ pound cat???
I'd love to find a harmess for twig but I have bought numerous ones and they fit for a month then they get to tight and he can't wear them anymore. I have been wanting one to take him outside but can't find one to fit him.
Also, maybe I am not measuring him right. I put a string around his chest right behind his front paws and measure that. It says 18 inches but one that size won't fit him.
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My cat had a harness just like the figure 8 one, I took him out on it once and he got out! He was gone for a whole month and when we finally got him back he was skinny and had reverted back to feral status. i don't reccommend taking a cat outside at all unless it is in a carrier.
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Barb, I use that type of harness on Mitzi and she's about 14 pounds(She IS on a diet) and it fits her fine. You can buy the adjustable type like the one pictured and hopefully that should cover him.
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thanks Vikki and Badhabit for those suggestions.. I think Twig can take on the odd boxer dog and win(and has).LOL! He made a boxer run out of our house one day by fluffing up and smacking him in the face. It was a hilarious sight to see a boxer sitting on the porch and cowering because of a kitty...
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I had one cat that could get out of his harness no matter how tight I put it. For him I perchased a dog collar to wear only when he went outside. The thing with dog collars though is they do not give so you need to make sure your cat wouldn't be able to jump up or off anything so that he wouldn't hang himself.
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Why are dog collars getter than cat collars for outdoors? Because cat collars open up if they get stuck?
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I would say one is not better than the other outside.... If you are to put a dog collar on your cat DO NOT let him out of your sight. Cats can easily get hung up on something with a dog collar on and with traditional dog collars they do not release with tension as do cat collars.

I would still go with a harness. As long as the harness is a proper fit and you keep a close eye on him then he should be fine. I love the adjustable harnesses because you can get the perfect fit for any cat. If you notice him trying to get out of his harness bring him back inside and try again later. Sampson will occationally try to get out of his and that's when his outside time is over.

Try putting the harness on them in the house and leave it on for a few minutes so he can get used to it. Once he's accustomed to wearing it he may not try to get out of it. Mitzi loves having her harness on and purrs when I'm putting it on her because she knows that she's going to be going outside.

Whatever you decide to do just make sure it's the safest thing for them and you both have fun!
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What kind of harnesses do you use? the ones shaped like an H, or like an 8?
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I use the adjustable H style harness with my cats.
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Yes, cat collars have a small piece of elastic that stretches or they have a flimsy clasp.
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You are a wonderful mommy! Nippie and I have been going outside on a leash for 3 years now. He is 12 pounds and I went and bought him a small dog harness and a 20 foot retractable leash. I never have tied him up and left him. However I have seen him wiggle out when he has been afraid of something. It has only happened twice in all of these years, so you have no need to worry. Good Luck to You

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One of my former fosters Vivina got out of her harness once too.
But in general, my cats on their walks don't.
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If I take my cat for walks on the harness, will she be more likely to try to escape outside when she's not supposed to?

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