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new sphynx kitten arrived

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awhile back I posted a thread about a blue sphynx that I purchased but returned to the breeder due to health problems. He has since been adopted by a friend of the breeder and is still struggling with the RI. She thinks it may be chronic but he is on watch right now and no prognosis has been solidified. She recommended I choose another kitten and I think this was the best route to go. I will be updated on Blues health situation and I know he is in good hands and that makes me feel better about the situation. In the meantime I have chosen another kitten. I had the choice between two (the second pic) and went with the lighter kitten that shows signs of a pointed seal or brown.
I was amazed at how well Diego took to him right away. I guess since he was already exposed to another kitten this was not so shocking to him. They are playing wonderfully together!
The first pic here is a bit blurry but really shows his blue eyes which will stay this colour..yaaaaayyyy! I just love them, they are sooo striking with that part of his face being darker.
The second pic is of him and the kitten I turned down. I think the one I picked will get along better with Diego, he is more laid back whereas the other kitten was alot like Diego, very mischievous and dominating.

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I am in love!!
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Ahhh they are adorable, look so sweet just sitting there, what cuties. That little one looks really darling, it just makes me smile looking at them.
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Sphynxes are so adorable!
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They are so sweet!
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I have always loved the Sphynx breed and those two in the second picture just reaffirms my love. What cuties!! Congratulations on your new addition.

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Awww!!, how adorable!!
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Oh, look at those faces! The thing I love about sphynx kitties is that you can see so much more expression in their faces... lends to their personalities! So lovely!
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I always thought sphynx cats looked kind of well..strange but I think those pictures have changed my mind. They are so cute
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I also thought Sphynxes were strange, ok I still think they look like little aliens, but one came into the shelter, and she was just amazing to pat! It was like touching a warm peach! She had such a sweet personality, and I loved rubbing her skin, and I changed my mind and realised why people loved the breed so much!

Sorry to hijack your thread, but this is the sweet Cleo who came into the shelter.

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thanks for the kind words I am amazed at how well he is getting along with Diego...first night home and they were together in the tent snuggling! the little one purrs as soon as Diego comes his way, its so sweet to see and really makes me think that every cat should have a companion

no problem Sarah, what a beautiful girl she is...she's got lots of fur on her, that could be a sign that the previous owner did not keep her warm enough.
they will grow some hair if that happens but it could also just be the way she is.
They are wonderful to the touch and I adore the smell of their skin. Alot of my friends and family thought they were wierd when I sent the pics of Diego and then they met the silly rascal and fell totally inlove...its impossible to resist them!
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Yes, you can see she had a fair bit of fuzz on her It was quite cute... She found a home really fast though, and her new owner promised to keep her nice and warm in the future!

Good luck with your new baby, hope her and Diego continue to be best of friends!
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thanks Sarah, I think they're destined to be best buddies for life

your little rescue girl is very cute looking with those patches of hair, it looks as if she has the Devon Rex showing through on her belly fur for certain
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