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Mine is January 28th.
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Mine is September 16.
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
Susie, Jasmine's b-day is August 6th! She will be 9....if I let her live that long!
another Jasmine huh? YAY!!
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September 12.
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September 9th, 1985
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Mine is December 15th, 1978... yes I get the "this is for your birthday AND Christmas" gifts.

My husband's is January 7, 1977

My son's bday is December 6th, 1997.... I NEVER do that to him...he always get's separate gifts...

My youngest son's is November 21, 2001... he was born the day before thanksgiving... My mom joked the whole time I was pregnant saying "watch, just as I put the turkey in the oven, your turkey will be ready to come out of the oven.." She was right! He was born at 8:21pm... mom said she was going to put the turkey in around that time! I had a Hospital Thanksgiving Dinner

Tiger's is St. Patty's day! March 17th!

Reilly, we're not sure... she's about 10 months old we think.

Jake September 28, 2005
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February 27, 1985
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February 14th
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Any other scorpios in the house?
11 Nov 1973
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Coming up Friday.
Birthdate: 7-7-57
Birth Weight: 7lb. 7oz.
(See a pattern here?)
We have 5 birthdays in July in our family, plus the 28th is our anniversary. Whew, busy month!
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Well I already said mine.....April 22nd 1980

My husband's is February 28th 1975

My Daughter's is December 17th 1999

My son's is September 23rd 2003

Pandora's is February 21st 2006

Pearl's is March 21st 2006.
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Mine is the 7th September 1986

Teufel is 8th september 2004

Kaylee was born sometime in June 2005
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