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Urinated on rug

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When I came back home from my fiance`s house on Sunday, Cally urinated on the carpet shortly after my arrival.I caught her squatting by her (Clay) litter bag,but it was too late. When she finished she tried to bury it. I just moved her away and cleaned it up as best as I could. The next day I bought Nature's Miracle,and put it where she had urinated.

I changed her litter that week to Carefresh(A litter made of recycled wood pulp.). It took her a little while,but she started using it. (I tried Carefresh because it doesn't track as much.) I left on Friday,and my mom watched her for the weekend. She said Cally behaved very well. My mom changed the litter on Saturday,and noticed there was only poop in it. She didn't check the rug though,so I don't know if she urinated on it before Sunday.

I have had Cally for almost a month now, and she has never done this before. Could it have just been the litter? I put her clay litter back Sunday night and she has been using it ever since.

Diane and Cally

P.S. Every weekend I leave town and my mom watches Cally. This problem never happened before.
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First thing to do when this happens is to take kitty to the vet to have her checked for UTI or other problems. One she has medically been cleared of anything healthwise wrong, your next step is to eliminate all the stains- cat's will re-pee in an area every 3 days when the smell fades, so you need to get all the urine up. You can find all the places the urine has gone by purchasing a black light, dousing your room lights and shining the black light on to the carpet. You will be amazed where the stuff shines to show up. It could just be a reaction to changing the litter, you can try to put out another box, or put the box in a more private place, but first and foremost have your kitty vet checked.
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Thank you for your advice! I hope it's just that she didn't like the litter:disturbed: . She hasn't urinated on the rug since I changed the litter back to the clay kind. I am still going to make an appointment to see my vet.

Diane and Cally :flower: :flash: :blubturq:
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Is Cally locked in the house all weekend on her own except for occasional visits from your mother? Young cats in particular need a friend and/or lots of behavioural outlets. Solitary confinement and the attendant boredom and loneliness contribute to litterbox problems. Older cats though often resent another cat introduced to the household. You don't say how old Cally is?
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