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Summer Shoe Collection

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as requested here are my shoes!

Feel free to add yours too!

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I am reluctant to add mine as they are two pairs of flip-flops from Old Navy! Not nearly as impressive as yours!
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lol, I've got the Old Navy flip-flops, too. I'm not much of a shoe person...I have one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of flip-flops, and a few pairs of dress shoes (different shoes based on what I'm wearing).

Yours are very nice, though.
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Oh Fran!!! I LOVE # 1 & # 2 from the top!!! The black heels with ankle straps are the kind I wear to work everyday, and the polka dotted Dr. Scholls are way HOT!!! They would look SO cute with denim capri's!!!
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I love them all!!!

I'm currently trying to find new shoes. I have the ones like in #1 where there isn't a strap to tie the heel back. When I wear them to work and go up and down the stairs I sound like a horse on cement So I'm looking for straps...except there aren't any around here.
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I've got to say it: you have great taste girl!!!!!!!!!

I especially love #2. They really compliment your legs. Very hot!
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I wore the #2 shoes on wednesday night for a graduation, and the heel thing is already through. AFTER ONLY 1 night!
My mum tells me i must walk wrong or something

Number 1 and 3 are from America
Im not the only one who loves my shoes
Kaylee loves to bat her mice toys through them!
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I like your shoe collection...but as far as heels, they arent for me. LOL..

I am a flip flop type of gal
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No really, I am a shoe-aholic.... the last time I went shoe shopping, honestly I think I bought 30 pairs... and I must have at least 200 that I actively wear. Then I have another 200 that are occasional shoes, like I wear once a year. I love them!!! Maybe it's because they always fit, and they always look good, and I can say "do you have these in a size 8?" (as opposed to rummaging through racks & racks to try to find a pair of jeans in a size 12)
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Nice shoes however I am not fond personally of wearing heels!! The two prs of sandals I bought yesterday are basicaully dressy flip flops!!
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I cant wear flip flips, they drive me insane i walk like a retard
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Cute shoes. I love shoe shopping. I have a shirt that says "shoe fetish". It's the truth. I can't go to a store without stopping at the shoes to look. I have three pairs of boots, one pair of tennis (sneakers) shoes, at LEAST 15 or more different sandals, and so many dress shoes I couldn't even count how many! The sad thing is, I only get to wear them two times out of the week, because I usually am wearing my work shoes and after that, I want to wear nothing because my feet feel so yucky.
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Awesome. A thread about shoes. Darn, I totally wish I had a digital cam for this one. lol

I have lots of shoes. Only like 4 pair for work though. And they arent cool OR cute. But I think I have around 25 pair of flip flops, (including sandles/and the chunky kind), like 13 pairs of heels, and probably around 10-15 more pairs of dress/casual shoes. oye. lol.

Fran, I like number 1. Very hot.
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I can't wear high heels, they hurt my feet! Cute shoes for you though Fran!
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Very nice heels Fran! I like heels but I prefer my flats, here's some of my new flip-flops I bought for the summer.

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I am such a tomboy! I don't even own a pair of sandals... I have 1 pair of heels that I haven't worn in 3 yrs and one pair of "dress shoes" that I wear with slacks when I'm going to something important like an interview or something but most of the time I wear tennis shoes... good ol' adidas! And trust me, you don't want me to post a pic of my raggedy, dirty, white tennis shoes!
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Love the shoes Fran You have great taste. We could really do some damage in a shoe store together Right now I want to get a little pair of Docs for Brandon, they would be so cute on him.
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I like shoes, but don't spend much on them. Even my wedding shoes were flip flops. Well... they were satin with rhinestones.

I made the mistake of "teaching" Oliver to scratch my shoes when I came home from work when he was a kitten. At the time, I worked construction and my shoes were beat anyways. I thought it was cute and funny. Now he thinks its a greeting. I tell everyone to watch out, but Oliver is a gentleman anyways and won't do it if he's asked not to. He also won't scratch slippers, sandals, or flip-flops.
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