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teeth griding!!

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Goodness gracious!! My daughter(2 y/o) has been grinding her teeth like this whole week, and I dont think she even knows she is doing it! But it is driving me crazy! LOL....she is cutting some teeth in the back and Iam quite sure thats why she does it-but geesh......just annoys me! Poor kid....
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Maybe ring a dentist for advice? My cousins do this in their sleep and need a night brace.
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Do not worry about this! I took my daughter to the dentist for the exact same reason and he said it is perfectly normal and expected. He said its the new sensation of having something to grind and they will grow out of it. It is particularly bad when getting molars. Why waste $80 when they'll tell you its normal toddler behavior?
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I hope she does grow out of it...I do it in my sleep
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My boyfriend grinds his teeth in his sleep. I sometimes do it too. I think it's fairly common.
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My jaw pops when I yawn or eat big pieces of food....and lately I've been grinding my teeth out of pure whatever...who knows...okay I have a one track blah mind tonight.
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I find that I grind my teeth when I sleep when I am particularly stressed. But other then that, I hardly ever do it.
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