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Sneezing kitten

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My 2 month kitten is sneezing quiet frequently and my vet is quiet incompetent, there are no other vets nearby and I just wanted to know which home remedies or something found at any home I could use to cure that sneezing which has increased a bit since last week when I got her.
Thanks for your help
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Call a vet further away for advice.

This can be very serious, especially if there is a chance she's contracted cat flu.

Even an incompetent vet is better than no vet at all in an emergency, but see if you can get the number of a vet from someone you trust and ring their vet.
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Sounds like your little one has an upper respiratory infection. Is s/he playing, sleeping, eating, and using the box normally? If not, then you really do need to get it to a vet, even if you have to drive a bit.

Make sure your kitty keeps eating and drinking plenty of water. If there's ANY change, get to the vet, even if it's the incompetent one.

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Do NOT use home remedies, many of these can be dangerous or fatal to cats like asperin or tylanol as examples. The kitten needs to be on an antibiotic to prevent a more serious infection, possibly antibiotic eye cream, and if the vet suspected feline herpes then L-lysine as well. You can read more at http://www.thecatsite.com/Health/92/...ue-Groups.html
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She's eating, playing, sleeping etc normally and is very active
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