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Kitten Problems

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Have a new kitten had for a week and think she is now 7 weeks (didnt realise she was bit young to remove from mum). She has had run of the flat since
2nd day as she was going to the litter tray on her own (which is next to her food and bed but havent had one #2 accident).

However she has 2 problems that i could do with not continuing.. 1 she seems to peeing in the other room on laminate floor, not sure if she has used litter tray at all for this! Should i be buying a 2nd litter tray and putting it in second room shutting her in kitchen or taking her to vet!

2nd and possible worse is that randomly or after she has been to litter tray she seems to have a bit of residue poo, which then gets left on whatever she sits on first be that my shoulder or a growing number of poo spots all over the furniture.

Any suggestions will she grow out of it? I have been wiping her bottom with kitchen towel before she sits down, good idea or bad?

Also she seems obsessed with climbing up me and sitting on my shoulder.. any reason for this my sisters old cat did similar but she was properly mental?

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She may have some diarrhea and need her diet changed. Talk to the vet about that. As far as the boxes go, do try a 2nd one and introduce her to it... don't just assume she'll find it and know what it's for (put a pinch of litter into her fresh pee and put it in the new box so she knows what it's about.
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I would definitely get more than just one more box. Remember, she's tiny and may not be able to make it all the way to the box when she's gotta go. Kitties are like little kids, they wait until the HAVE TO go! You can use those aluminum cake pans as litter boxes so you're not spending big bucks for permanent ones. Also, she may like to poop in one box and urinate in another, so a 2nd box is a good idea anyway.

Kitties are not very neat in the litter box, so until she gets the hang of it, she'll probably have a little poop on her feet or a little urine running down her back legs. It's just part of growing up and become proficient at pottying. Just keep some old towels and/or washcloths handy to clean her up. She'll perfect the art soon enough and you won't need to worry about it.

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Okay thanks!! I thought as much shes just being a kitten!!

Dont think with the wee its that she cant get to the box more she doesnt want to!! She seems toalso be doing it in the same spot. whilst looking at me with a guilty look!! So ill go and put a 2nd box down and see what happens!
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otherwise, she will continue to go to the same spot over and over again. As someone else said, put some of her urine in the litter box where you want her to go. Often, kittens will meow before they go and kind of go in circles, like they are lost. If you see her doing that, pick her up gently (don't swoop down as it might scare her INTO peeing!) and place her in the box. You can also get little litter boxes that are disposable. My pet store sells them very reasonably for about 89 cents. hth
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We've had Leela for 4 weeks now, and the first week (she was only about 7-8 weeks old) we saw the "poo spots" and had to try and catch her everytme she went potty to clean her bottom before she ran around the house. One time she actually stepped in the poo and had to have mini bath!

She was spayed the second week we had her and after about a day of a bit of diahrea she was fine and we saw no more of the spots. I dont know if she got better at cleaning herself or if she was learning good habits from our older cat, but she seems to have grown out of it now

Good luck!
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Isis had a similar problem with peeing in a litter box. She was fine with pooping but she has a spot by a tree in our living room that she LOVED. When we caught her sniffing out a spot we'd put her in the litter box and wait. At times, she'd jump out even though I KNEW she had to pee. So I just kept putting her back in a raking her paws on the litter and she pees fine now. Isis was ALSO having toruble with cleaning her bum. But she's picked up clean habits from Jade and if she misses a spot, Jade downs her and cleans her. lol. So either wait on the bum thing or get another kitty to play nanny! lol Good Luck!
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kitties may not like their litter right next to their food?

how about putting the litter box onthe spot she likes to pee on?
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