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Who has feral experience?

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Hey everyone!

Here's my deal. The cat that had Orion is a stray. We've come to find out that she most likely was one of an abandonded litter about two years ago, and has been living on her own ever since. She was very skittish and non social when we first found her and her first litter about a year ago.

She has since given birth to another litter, who are probably about 7 weeks of age. We are trying to figure out what to do with the four babies, since the no kill shelters are full, and we were informed by the humane society that they will be put down if we bring them there, because they are feral.

We were thinking of taking one of the kittens, at least, for our own, and trying to place the babies, and if worse gets worse, finally agreeing to take them to the humane society, come what may (although that breaks my heart, and i'm not sure i can do it).

We did capture one of the kittens, but he freaked out so bad, and hissed, and became agressive, and even inflicted harm on himself by banging repeatedly into walls, that we let him back outside. It was upsetting our cat greatly, and unfortunately, our house is small, and there is really no way to enclose one cat from another.

Here's the kicker: Over the last two weeks, Bast (the mother cat) has become very affectionate. It makes me tearyy just thinking about the change in her over the year we have known her. She's gone from a running, skittish thing, to a girl who will rub against legs, and purr loudly when she lets me rub pretty good behind her ears.

She and Orion get along great. He likes to try and play with her, but she is not very playful. I wonder if that will ever change, since there's not a lot to be playful about when you're just trying to survive. She loves to rub up on him, and follow him around on his leash.

She has also started coming inside on her own, when we leave the patio door open for her. Any loud noise, or quick movement sends her running out, but she has even gone so far as to venture all the way into the living room, ad take a few bites from Orions dish (which he didn't seem to mind).

So, my question is, does anyone have any experience making a cat like this an indoor pet? Is it feasable? She is in dire need of vet care, and love, and I would like to take her in, but on the condition she will be able to live indoors, and use a litterbox, and cope with life as an inside pet. Orion is an indoor kitty, and it would be very emotionally upsetting to him if she could come and go, and he had to stay inside. Plus, I love her dearly, and would like to see her be safe. We don't really live out in an area that is outdoor kitty friendly.

Any suggestions?
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I would be happy to help you, but it would take up a lot of space to go into all you need to do to bring these kittens to socialization. Please drop me an email miller478@attbi.com and we can go from there.

I will also put this into the feral forum where others will also be able to help you
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Bast sounds like a wonderful kitty, and there are others who can help you make this transition for her. I just wanted to say that I know it is possible to do this for her. That she has made this much progress with you makes me sure of this.

There are certainly some tricks to the trade, so to speak, and we definitely have some experts here who can help you. In any case, I'm sure Hissy and others will be here for suggestions and support soon. (Oops, guess she beat me to it!)
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Of my 6 cats, 3 are feral and 3 were strays. My ferals are wonderful----one sleeps with me every night. One has become a glamour queen and is very affectionate and the other is still very skittish, but purrs so loud the windows rattle whenever he plops down for some petting. I love my ferals and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Given that Bast clearly trusts you, I think with a little guidance, she will become a perfect indoor kitty.

Bravo to you for wanting to rescue this poor cat!
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I commend you for your efforts with this momma and her babes! I finally got all of Goldie's babies (with Hissy's help) over this past year, and the first day or two with each was AWFUL! I would get a kitty condo and use that to keep each in as you get them. The kittens will settle down and should be adoptable! They are certianly young enough. A few of Goldie's babies were almost 4 months old when I got them, and they are all in good home and the most lovable kitties EVER! Keep us posted!
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