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Just Brought Her Home

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Hi all - just brought my new kitty home. We had a vet visit right away and she was a purr machine. She has an ear infection and some roundworms, but all else is good.

She is terribly shy and is hiding under the sideboard in my den where I plan to keep her for a few days till she is used to the sounds and smells of her new home. I have a Feliway diffuser going and I hope that helps her adjust.

I know I have to wait for her to come out, but is so hard not to want to cuddle and pet her. I hope this doesn't last too long. I live alone, no kids, no other pets no noises, so I hope she will settle in. She has been though foster, to a shelter (where I met her) back to foster and now here. It isn't surprising she is a little freaked out.

I wonder how long it will be before she feels it is OK to come out of hiding and get her food and water? That is the only thing I am really concerned about.
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Just my two cents:

She will possibly perfer to eat and drink when you're not there (alternatively, she might perfer you there, but I think this mostly happens if there are other pets). As long as she is eating and drinking at all I wouldn't worry. She probably will venture out when she thinks it's been quiet for a while. Do put her food and water close to where she hides, but don't risk making her more scared by coming too close - if she starts to back up, put it down as that's probably the edge of her current safety zone.

Anyway, that's where I'd start, but some of the people here have dealt with way more scared kitties than I have, and I'm sure that they will be along soon.
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Thanks - I just don't want to let get dehydrated or hungry. Her food and water is close to where she is hiding so maybe even tonight when it is dark she will come out and nibble in peace.

She has managed to find the ONE spot in the room that I didn't throughly clean because I couldn't reach it - she is crouched under the sideboard all the way at the back and I can see the dust..better go get the kitty wipes....

I am just doing my thing and I think I will sit and read quietly for awhile and see if she ventures out.
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Sit on the floor and read out loud to her. Do not acknowledge her in any way. When you get up, leave a tasty meaty treat right where you were sitting. Ignore her, forget your needs for a lap kitty and purr monster and just let her settle down and get used to her new world.
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Thanks Hissy - it worked! - well sort of. As I sat reading softly and paying no attention to hear she creeped out and sniffed around her food and water. However, she managed to dash out of this room and into the bedroom where she is curled up under the bed behind some under bed storage boxes.

I am worried about her now since she hasn't used her litter or had any water or food. Should I just try to go to bed and hope she comes out on her own in the night, or move the bed and try to chase her out? I really don't want to scare her any more than she is. I am really tired but I know I won't sleep until I know she is OK. (The fact that we are having bad thunderstorms isn't helping either, I am sure.)
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not
(The fact that we are having bad thunderstorms isn't helping either, I am sure.)
Probably not. I would leave her alone, though I might sleep in the same room (though not near her or her food/water/etc) in case she found that comforting in the storm.
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