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Kitten walking @ 2 wks? VERY round belly?

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From what I've read, kittens don't try to walk much until they're at least 3 weeks old, and it's very shaky. Our kitten is 14 days, and has been walking around on her own already for at least 7 days. Also, it is much less clumsy already, and she does not fall over anymore (since about 2 days ago).
Could it be a sign of problems that she seems to be progressing faster than is normal? Or is it nothing to worry about?

Also, how long have your kittens been born before their body becomes a bit more proportional as far as the round belly. I know that the round belly is a good sign, but how long should it seem very unproportionately large compared to the rest of her body?
I feed her every 6 hrs, and she generally drinks anywhere from .5 to 1.25 tablespoons each time. I have no way to weigh her accurately and feel like she should be getting as much formula as she feels that she needs at this point.

One more: Our other cat/kitten (born March 3rd) already wants to play with this kitten, but we only let her (Paddy) near the kitten if she doesn't try to play with it. When Paddy does try to play with the kitten, she is a bit too rough, and pulls the kitten to her belly (while lying on her back) and touching her teeth to the kitten very gently. She does not harm it, and the kitten doesn't even mind, but I know better than to risk anything and I keep Paddy away from the kitten. How old should the kitten be before it can be introduced to Paddy (who is also still basically a kitten) and they can try to play together? As soon as the kitten begins playing and running around?
How soon is too soon to start letting the kitten walk around the floor of the apartment as well? I take her from her box in the bathroom and sit her on my lap on the couch to feed her, and then let her walk around on the couch a bit or on the floor near the couch if our other pets are not out. Is this good for her or could it just startle her (being away from her comfortable box/hot water bottle/towels/etc in the bathroom)? The reason I'm concerned is because she is in the box alone and I want the kitten to have plenty of interaction with us and have company occasionally. I want to make sure she gets all the affection she deserves and at the same time I don't want to over-stimulate her and make her startled. Usually when she clumsily walks around on the couch she purrs, occasionally cries out/tries to meow, or looks like she's going to fall asleep. She doesn't seem overly startled, but I still think it best to ask all the experts here.
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I don't know the answer to your questions, but she sure is a cutie! She's starting to look like a real cat now.
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My tabby was walking at about 2 weeks, running at 4.

I guess it differs with each!
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The vet thinks our kitten was 2 weeks old when we found him and he was walking but was slow and wobbly. He did better on grass and carpet than on bare floor but he was able to get around and within a week was handling bare floor well.

We don't have any other pets and I kept his basket in the kitchen because that's where we spend much of our time and it was easiest for me. I baricaded off the kitchen so he could have freedom within that confined area. At first he stuck to the main part of the room and just expanded as he was ready. We spend a lot of time in and near the kitchen so he got loads of attention this way. My kitten didn't seem to get overstimulated with this arrangement in spite of the fact I have three active children--I kept a fleecy blanket on the floor next to his basket and he'd just sack out on it when he'd had enough of the action. The one thing we did have to be careful about was not to step on him since he was constantly underfoot. We took to constantly calling out where the kitten was located anytime someone stepped into the kitchen. At four weeks he climbed over the barricade and that was the end of that arrangement...

She's sure a cutie--
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She's adorable!

If both kittens are happy and healthy, I'd let them play together (supervised, of course) - just MHO.

I think that she's just an early bloomer, the anti-runt.
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I am thinking the same thing, she just must be maturing faster than average. She definitely gets plenty of sleep, enough food, and lots of attention, so I'm sure it's helping her grow really well.

Here's a couple more pictures I took (seems like every time she reaches another week I go crazy taking pictures of her to compare to the past week):

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she is so adorable! yeah my kittens were running around at 2 weeks also. mine were over their baricade at 4 weeks and they started to run around the house at like 6 weeks. they still slept in my room though. now mine are 9 weeks or so and they own my house. they grow up so fast... just make sure you watch where you step when she starts to run around the house. mine constantly run right under my feet.
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