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Ghyslaine, it's perfectly all right with me if you stay behind at the cabin once we get to rattlesnake country. As you can see, they two cabins we've secured are quite luxurious.

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Oh, and I thought I'd want to join in on the fun. However, the luxury of those accomodations just might spoil me for regular life.

I wouldn't mind getting a little closer to the "slippery" creatures. (Uh, Ghyslaine, I think slithery is a better definition. ) I'll be the one hanging out with the medic, or whoever is carrying the antidote to rattlesnake poison. Is there such a thing?

All of this is making me want to watch reruns of the Crocodile Hunter.
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Oh boy! Now I'm really excited!!

G I understand that you have to stay behind but I wouldn't want you to miss out so we'll bring the snakes to you!! We'll let them go in the cabin and then try and catch them again. I think the fun of trying to catch them with all the obstacles in the way and not get bit at the same time will be even greater!!

And don't worry we'll have the medic nearby.:tounge2:
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Mr.Cat....what's in that barrel outside the cabin???? Love your car, it's definately a 'one of a kind'.

Bren.1 - what do you mean??? Snakes are not slippery? Well, they 'look' like they are. I'm not sure about the antidote part. I've always heard about the 'cutting and sucking the poison' out from the bitten area. If this is the case, can we still count on you?
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Yeeehaw!!!! There is electricity at the cabin. (or is that a clothes line????) Mind you, I wasn't worried one bit.......planned on bringing my generator anyways.
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Hey now, Yeeehaw is to only be used by us native Texans but since you all are such nice people and are getting into the spirit of Texas by going "Snake Huntin" I'm sure it will be okay and no one will be prosecuted.

It's a shame you all can't go looking for water moccasins, we just love water moccasins on this side of the state!
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G, Snakes aren't slippery. Their skin is very smooth and soft, unless you rub their scales the wrong way. I don't know about the cutting and sucking. I remember seeing some sort of device to do the sucking part, I am pretty squeamish about cutting anything that is alive, so maybe I should help you in the food prep.

Or I'll go looking for snakes of the non-poisonous variety, which I know lessens the fun.:tounge2:
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You know, we wouldn't want to endanger the species and upset the delicate balance of nature. I was wondering if we couldn't just skip right to the "Tom Cruise part?" You guys stay in the cabin and cook and I'll be happy to meet Tom at a predestined location. You don't have to thank me. I'm just naturally nice about things like this.
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Sabra, I think there maybe some Texas blood in me! Plus...my hairdresser just arrived from Texas. (I'm in love with her accent!) Oh, here we go, now I have the Alabama song in my head "If you wanna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band, that lead guitar is hot but not for a Louisianna man......

bren.1 - you are sticking close to me. I could use someone to hold my hand.

Oh....lookie here, I think I may have missed the ride. We were leaving early this morning and it's 9:45am here. Awwww shoot, I'm just as disappointed as I was when I missed out on visiting the Insectarium!

Now, what are Water Moccasins? Maybe I can go along on this adventure. They almost sound cute.

Jeanie don't tell me, you guys are not gone yet???? Just got off the phone with Tom. Since Mr.Cat had graciously offered his prize car, I had informed him we didn't need him. (But....he said he'd gladly take you for a spin if you'd like as long as he's home in time for supper. Penelope is pretty strict)
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Jessica, I must have missed your posting but it just caught my eye. Don't you even dare!!!! (actually.....I'm still hoping, it may be too late for me and you're all gone by now so........) I think it would be a great idea! Snakes in the cabin. (send pictures!) Guys, Have a great time. And.....I do not believe it is legal to bring them out to me so, for your own protection and safety (because I am thinking about you guys) I think they all should remain out there.
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:LOL: You guys are TOO funny!!! I will have to pass on the snake hunt, though....I'm afraid riding around in that car of Joe's might make me go into labor...anyone deliver a baby before??
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Uh G., I was being a little sarcastic, shame on me! A water mocassin is also known as a cotton mouth. It is a very deadly snake and is known to be predominate in the Gulf Coast region of the US. They are not very large and nest at the bottom of bodies of water. When they come to the surface and swim, the front half of their body stands straight up out of the water while the rest of the body "swims."

Have you ever seen the movie Lonesome Dove? In the movie, when they are driving the cattle across Texas they have to cross a river. Well one of the horses or cows steps in a nest of water moccasins and one of the riders gets bitten and dies.
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Hey Debby! Long time no see. I was just thinking about you & baby. When are you due?

(P.S. Don't worry, I think we're too late for the ride - if I keep repeating it, it may end up being true!).

Just got my certification for CPR & First Aid. I would be able to assist in the delivery in case of emergency but......I'm sure there are many qualified 'birth assistants' here with way more experience than me. Whiskers has never even had a litter so I don't even have that under my belt.
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Oh Great Sabra! See....I am clueless. This has also proven the reason I do not swin in anything but a swimming pool where I can see the bottom!!!!

I think the only adventure I'll go on today is to the 'Dollar Store' here in town. If I purchase a rubber snake, does that count as capturing one?
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Originally my due date was Aug 1, but they are moving it up...how far, I'm not sure...Friday I go back for another ultrasound so they can decide. The sooner the better I say...Thanks for asking, Ghyslaine!
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Okay, I'm here to answer your questions. First of all, Ghyslaine, you've not missed going with us! We're approaching your home even as we speak. Perhaps you can see the smoke?

Oh, you asked about that 55-gallon drum just outside the cabin. Don't worry! It's only a barrel full of nuclear waste. I had it moved from inside the cabin so we'd have more room.

Yes, there is electricity! Well, at least on every odd-numbered Thursday — which luckily happens this week. Do bring that generator. Thank you.

Debby, don't be too concerned about delivery out there. We can fly you out via Abner's Helicopter Service should you go into labor. That is, if Abner's fixed the helicopter since the last crash. The nearest hospital (perhaps "medical facility" is a better term) is only 450 miles away, so with luck you'd be there in no time! I think the physician there got his license back just last week.

See? Everything's taken care of!

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Wow! Mr. Cat, you sure are some tour guide. Are you available for hire?
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Mr. Cat - Boy, I am relieved! I thought the barrel contained 'slithering' guests.

Boy, this is one time I am soooooo glad I have a job!!! If you stopped by my home, you must have met my mother-in-law (another posting altogether-God bless mother-in-laws but sometimes.......)
Sorry to have missed you guys!

Who's Abner? Tom may not like this......
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Quote by Mr. Cat...
Debby, don't be too concerned about delivery out there. We can fly you out via Abner's Helicopter Service should you go into labor. That is, if Abner's fixed the helicopter since the last crash. The nearest hospital (perhaps "medical facility" is a better term) is only 450 miles away, so with luck you'd be there in no time! I think the physician there got his license back just last week.

See? Everything's taken care of!

That's really comforting, Joe! :LOL:
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Bring me! Bring me! I love snakes. I used to have a pet water snake at the cottage who went swimming with me every day. Debby - don't worry - I can deliver your baby - I have had 1st aid training (I haven't actually had to do it yet - but I am sure I can)

Bring on the snakes and the babies - heck - bring on the baby snakes!
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Well, Sabra has invited all of us to Texas to swim with Water Moccasins. She says they love to swim! Darn it; I have to wait here for Tom and his car or I'd come with you. You know these movie stars, though; they can be temperamental. Of course, G would have to leave the luxury of the cabin and help Mr. Cat with the rattlers....
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Actually, he's a so-called "side-winder." But he's cute, don't you think?


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This nice little guy is from Florida. Let's go for a swim!


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They are beautiful Mr Cat! I miss my pet water snake. Booohoooo!
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Mr.Cat ------That's not a nice thing to do. My chair is on wheels and I just about flew into the back wall!!! I know, I know, it's just a picture!!

Can't do it guys. I will never, ever get used to snakes, or for that matter, end up loving them! Cute?????? Jeanie, I think I'll cover for you and let you go have some fun..........
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I don't want to be the cause of undo alarm, but let's consider the fact there are nice snakes abroad on the planet. Take, for instance, those adorning the caduceus:

Caduceus — Symbolic staff surmounted by two wings and entwined with two snakes. Among the ancient Greeks the caduceus was carried by heralds and ambassadors as a badge of office and a mark of personal inviolability, because it was the symbol of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. According to Book IV of Virgil's Aeneid, the Greek god Apollo gave the staff to Hermes in return for the lyre. In Roman mythology the symbol is associated with the god Mercury. The staff of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, which was entwined by a single snake, was also called a caduceus. The caduceus has been adopted as a symbol by the medical profession; it is also the emblem of the medical branches of the United States Army and Navy.

Hermes — In Greek mythology, messenger of the gods, the son of the god Zeus and of Maia, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. As the special servant and courier of Zeus, Hermes had winged sandals and a winged hat and bore a golden Caduceus, or magic wand, entwined with snakes and surmounted by wings.

Aesculapian Snake — Common name for a harmless snake that symbolizes the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius. Asclepius is often pictured with his staff, around which is entwined one of these snakes. Aesculapian snakes were kept in the combination hospital-temples built by the ancient Greeks and, later, by the Romans in honor of the god. The snakes are found not only in their original range of southern Europe, but also in the various places in Germany and Austria where Roman temples had been established. Escaped snakes survived and flourished. Smooth, glossy, and slender, the snake has a uniformly brown back with a streak of darker color behind the eyes. The snake's belly is yellowish or whitish and has ridged scales that catch easily on rough surfaces, making it especially adapted for climbing trees. Scientific classification: The Aesculapian snake belongs to the family Colubridae. It is classified as Elaphe longissima.

See? Now, aren't they nice?


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Nope. Still not convinced!
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Beautiful snakes!! I wish I had more time to own one. Er maybe not a Cottonmouth or anything but maybe more of the nonvenomous type.

G you're just like my dad. He's petrified of snakes. He once found a teeny little green snake while he was landscaping, the kind that you'd catch when you were kids, and he flipped!! He started stabbing it with his pitch fork and tossed it into the neighbor's yard.

How about toads and frogs? Anyone like them?
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While reading this post, I was listening to a program on the Discover Channel about black mambas. I believe a trip to Africa would be far more exotic, even though I love (really!) the Southwest. Therefore, Tom and I are driving to the airport where he will see me off. To answer Mr. Cat's intellectual examples, I have one word: MEDUSSA ---Oh, yes, and Cleopatra's ASP, and wasn't Dido done in by a creepy, crawly? Maybe Tom and I will just have a nice dinner by candlelight. Hmmmm...
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