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Bees...hmmmmm, I think I have a few stories, but they are all from the "wasp" family.

Myself, I have stepped on one (ouch!)walking barefoot in the backyard (don't do that anymore) and sat on one (double ouch!) when I got into our vehicle. Scared the heck out of me both times and I literally still cringe and hold my breathe if one comes close to me. I keep expecting it to attack at any moment.

Last year, one of my friends was drinking out of a Diet Coke can and a wasp flew out and bit her on the lip. (It always seems funnier when it happens to others. We still laugh about that one, I mean, what are the chances of that happening?)

And another friend of mine had to call the fire department. I had never seen this in my life but, she had thousands of wasps that completely covered a quarter of her house. It became a safety issue because her children were covered in bites and the fire department came and sprayed the wall (they used foam).

As for worms, I will Never grow to like them. I've watched what fishermen do with them and nope, not for me at all. Worms are one of the reasons these gardening gloves will remain on my hands while I do my gardening. You should see what kind lives under the rocks/plants in my garden. We have black ones, white ones, any color, size shape you want.

Roaches - knock on wood, I have never even seen what one looks like. (Don't want to from all of the descriptions) But I have encountered June bugs. I've been body slammed a few times by them and have had one get stuck in my hair. After dropping my purse, screaming for my husband to rescue me from whatever was in my hair, we did get it out. I am very careful when entering the house at nighttime now.

BTW, note taken: I will never visit India.

Once I am able to figure out how my scanner works and how to post pictures, I will post some of the trip. (tried posting pictures of Snoopy and Whiskers but I am doing something wrong).And yes, I even took pictures of the bats. I don't like them but am fascinated by how they fly around like crazy and then, in a split second, they are hanging upside down hanging onto nothing.
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The bee-havior you describe is called "swarming." Whenever the queen bee leaves the hive, all her hive-mates cluster around her so that she'll be protected. I've only seen a few such swarms in my life, but as you know they're very impressive little gatherings!

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Ghyslaine, I am glad to hear everything went okay on your field trip.

And you have never seen a roach!!! OMG! You are SOOOO lucky!! I am terrified of them, and we don't even have the big huge monster ones that have been mentioned here...we have two types, the smaller german cockroach, ugggh and the larger winged one, sometimes referred to as a "waterbug", which is a glorified name for a flying, horribly disgusting cockroach!!! These are the ones that terrify me the most....the flying ones. They are about an inch long, and uglier than satan himself. I am getting the creeps just talking about it!!!

My worst roach story is from when I was in college, and living on a pretty slim income, and had to live in this run down apartment, and it had roaches, and one time I went out to the kitchen, to make some toast...and I plugged in the toaster, which I hadn't used for a couple weeks, and as soon as it started to heat up, and mind you I was standing right in front of it....about 50 cockroaches ran out of it onto the counter....I SCREAMED sooooo loud!!!!!!
They had been feeding on the bread crumbs in the bottom of it.

Needless to say, that toaster went into the trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh the horror of it!!! *shivers*
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Oh Debby! That sounds nasty. I am sitting here visualizing the event and I cannot imagine surviving that! BTW: What did you end up having for breakfast? LOL

I have visualised Roaches on certain movies but kind of look through one eye and not the other. I don't believe that they are really that common around here. But I may be wrong.......

Actually, just a few minutes ago, finished reading your very first posting here. (the one where you introduce your 13????? cats) Nice to hear from you a few minutes later!

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I don't know why people are afraid of snakes.... But then again when you're watching me squeal and run away from a tiny little spider you thinking "What an idiot!"

I never minded snakes even when I was younger. When my parents were still married we went to the aligator park in Florida and I had a picture taken of me holding a baby aligator with a boa constrictor around my neck.:tounge2:
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I think a lot of our fear stems from not knowing whether or not the snake is deadly. When I was a child, about 10 years old, my little friend and I found a "dead" snake in my yard. We didn't want to touch it with our hands, but got a long, dead stick from a tree and touched it; it didn't move. Then we used the stick to roll it over. It still didn't move. It was green and yellow and, I think, another color. We soon lost interest, sat on the porch swing to talk, and then walked back up to see it. It wasn't there, and no one else was in the yard. We were two frightened little girls! We had no idea what kind of snake it was. (still don't!)
As an adult, I petted a boa constrictor; it felt like a basketball. However, I am still frightened when I see a snake; I'm too afraid it might be poisonous. We have rattlesnakes in the mountains and copperheads in PA, but I have never seen either in the wild, and hope I never do!
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Rattle snakes. Reminds me of that movie with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek (can't remember the title). He was surrounded by quite a few of those babies. Yuck!
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Originally posted by Ghyslaine
Oh Debby! That sounds nasty. I am sitting here visualizing the event and I cannot imagine surviving that! BTW: What did you end up having for breakfast? LOL

Actually, I kind of lost my appetite after that....LOL
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I've never really been afraid of snakes. I can't stand insects though, except for a few, like ladybugs and crickets.

My friends in college had a 15 foot Burmese python, named Esther. Somewhere there is a picture of me with her crawling across my lap.

My dad and I had to catch a few black snakes at our barn, just so my mom wouldn't see them. We would put them in a barrel and take them further out into the country. Of course there were more, but they usually didn't hang out too close to the barn.
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Brian and I used to have a 10 foot albino Burmese python. He was a mean sucker and when he was hungry and one of the cats walked by his cage he'd strike the side of his cage. Needless to say he had to go because if he got out he was big enough to eat one of them.
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My sister and I always loved snakes. We always had little garter snakes around the yard, and we loved to catch them and hold them a while. My dad, on the other hand, HATED snakes with a passion. I remember him carrying out this little baby garter snake on a shovel, held out as far away from him as possible, when he found one in the basement. It was so funny to see this big, macho, Marine scared of this little tiny, maybe 4" long snake.
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My brother has had snakes since he was about 15 years old. Before he was married, he had a small Ball python named Zulu. I was at a party at his apartment, wearing Zulu around my waist. A friend of his, who had been a football linebacker in high school and college, would not let me within 5 feet of him. He thought the snake would jump from me to him and strangle him. It was funny, but sad too. After all, all Zulu did was to hold on to my waist.
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Heidi, I hear you. My husband dons gloves (I thik he believes they're 'snake proof' and then gets his shovel to make sure it's at a safe distance. We've come across 2 grass snakes so far. I am literally in awa of all of you who love snakes.
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You can count me in! I, too, love snakes although I've never kept one. My two main "snake tales" are this:

1. For a few years during the 1980s, I was part of a program called "The Wonderful World of Reptiles" at what was then called the Washington Park Zoo here in Portland. We'd present various and sundry snakes before an audience comprised mostly of children. It was a lot of fun, actually.

2. Way back when (1966) — whilst I was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas — a group of us took part in that city's annual Rattlesnake Roundup (or "Rodeo," I can't recall which). It's purpose was to capture rattlesnakes so they could be "milked" of their venom, which was then used to make antivenin.

West Texas having a plethora of rattlesnakes, it was relatively easy (for young people) to climb around on the rocks where such snakes liked to make their homes. Upon approaching a likely rattlesnake dwelling, we would shine light into the little cave via mirrors reflecting sunlight. Then, one of our party would spray a bit of gasoline into the den: This was done so the snakes would emerge to escape the fumes.

When the rattlesnakes came out, we'd seize them behind their heads using "grabbers" on long poles. Then, we'd lower them into a 55-gallon drum and close the lid. (I was the guy who carried the drum.) It was all very adventurous; and none of us humans were harmed.

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Okay, I'm waving my white flag....you guys win. I am way outnumbered on the 'snake' subject. ***goose-bump city happening here***

Mr. Cat - an anuual Rattlesnake roundup??? And you participated?? Wow, another idol in my eyes. Had the gallon been air-tight, sealed with super glue, nailed down, whatever.....I wouldn't have been anywhere near it!
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Snakes really are not that bad even the venomous ones once you have a basic knowledge of them. Anytime one of our snakes bit Brian was his own fault. He got lazy and fed them in their housing tanks(Big no no for a pet snake) so when he'd reach into their housing tanks to hold one of them(One of our 2 Burmese pythons) they bit him. The albino snake bit him once pretty severely and wouldn't let go.

Our Ball pythons were very clam and laid back and they never bit anyone. They were quite a bit smaller than the Burmese so anyone who was afraid of snakes that came into our house was made to hold one of them. Most of our friends fell in love with snakes after that.

I do miss the Ball pythons....
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Mind, with my luck were I to embark on a rattlesnake capture nowadays I'd be bitten for sure! (Provided I didn't fall and break my neck first.) Ah, youth!


Bad Habit, can you not keep a ball python now?

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Well, it just breaks my heart that we couldn't have joined you on the rattlesnake roundup. I can't think of a more pleasant way to spend an afternoon! Next time you go, be sure to notify your friends!
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*enters Jeanie G.'s name in little black book under "snake hunting"*


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Wait till Fear Factor gets a hold of this one!:chicken: (<---that's me though, I couldn't be part of it!)
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It's too late for you to back out. You're all signed up. We leave first thing in the morning for rattlesnake country! Oh, wear some high-top boots if you've any. Jeanie G. may have an extra pair she can lend you should you not have any yourself.


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Unfortunatly I don't have the time it takes to properly take care of a Ball python.

But I would like to join in the rattle snake round up though.
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Hey, Jessica! Let's use your car, ok? Of course, if the red oil light comes on again, we'll have no choice but to pull over--which would be a terrible shame! My car? Well, the rear axle rusted out from under it, and the transmission is slipping, and the ring and pinion gears are bad, and the engine's knocking, and......
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Jeanie, is it still a car
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Shhhhhh! He might hear you. Can you think of anything else that could be wrong?? Oh, yes! I think the tire's bald on the front driver's side! (Did that sound convincing?)
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Jeanie I think you're car is in MUCH better shape then mine. I mean I can only dream of a car with slipping transmission... Gosh...

We'll just steal Brian's Vitara so we can be sure to get there. He said we could use it as long as we don't bring it back so he can report it stolen.
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You're funny! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Climb aboard, everybody! Here's a picture of where we'll be going. Isn't it neat?

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Okay guys...here's the plan. I had thought I had posted my reply earlier but guess I must of done something wrong...

Mr.Cat, your picture kind of makes this a little bit more complicated for me but.....

I will, just because I am nice stay behind in the air conditioned, satellite equipped cabin and from the bottom of my heart: I will gladly prepare a 7 course meal for all of you because, you know, you'll have deserved it after having lived through such an adventure. I REALLY would prefer to go along and see these beutiful slippery creatures but, I think someone should guard the fort and I think, since I am new, I should do this for you guys. You know: the rookie always does this kind of stuff while the regular, more experienced, knowledgeable ones get to have the 'real' fun. So....how's that???? (I'm sure the signal on the satellite should come in pretty clear there: no building to obstruct the signal.....If there's no electricity: We bought a generator 2 years ago during "Ice Storm '98, I'll just bring it along.

Oh yeah, Tom Cruise called and said if by any chance, whichever vehicle we chose does not make it there, (don't know why though because from the description, they're all in tip top shape)he said I could just give him a dingle and he'll come to our rescue. I insisted we'd be fine though....
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Not to worry! Don't bother Tom, as I've the perfect car for our trip.

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