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It's back...

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A couple of weeks ago I took Luna's poo and her to the vet. The poo was coming out horribly bloody, then after a week it went down to a thin streak on the poo.
The vet gave her a med since she was running a fever as well. I admit that I fed her the med for 6 of the 7 days I was suppose to. I had completely forgotten on the 7th day and realised on the 8th.

Anyhoo, she was fine until this morning. I looked in and sure enough there blood on the poo.

I guess the next step is to try the vets alternate advice and give her a laxative. Reason is, I had X-Rays done at the visit and the vet noticed something "hard" with poo backed up. But since it was only X-Rays, she didn't know if it was a formed/solid poo or if it was something else.
Luna is far from lathargic, so I don't think its pancreitis.

Although I SHOULD make sure it is still Luna. Maybe another cat started caught what she had...though I just have that feeling that is Luna...
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sending vibes to Luna
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Poor thing. Sending vibes to Luna and co!
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Poor baby! Get better vibes to Luna. When is she going to the vets this time?
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Not sure yet...I haven't called. When I left last, they gave me two choices: wet food for a week or the laxative. I went with the wet food and she seemed better. She's been back on dry since Monday and viola! in the litter box.

I feed her the Purina Indoor and the vet mentioned that the indoor formulas in general give the cats so much fiber that sometimes this can be a problem... who knows!
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