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Kitten Hangs Out in Litter Box

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My husband and I adopted a 6 week old kitten from a local shelter one week ago today. She's had a cold for the past week, and just now seems to be getting over it. We've taken her to the vet twice and she's taking antibiotics.

I guess my real question is this: Why does she stay in her litter box so much? Even when she's not using it, she will go in there to sit or curl up. She seems to be going to the bathroom fine. She pees several times a day, and poops one or two times a day (she's not eating A LOT right now because of the cold).

Is my kitten okay? Does she just like the feel of the clay? Does she like it because it smells strongly like her own kitten smell there?

Other than this she behaves normally. She's not playing a lot because she's still a little sick. But she likes being petted and rubbing up on me and my husband. Should I worry?
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I fell in love with my cat because, at the adoption event I went to, she was the one sitting in her litter box looking forlorn.

She also had a bad cold when I got her home - and would sit in her box a lot while she was sick - seemed like a comfort / safety thing - at the shelter, it might be that she wasn't disturbed by other cats / people when doing her thing in the tray - so associates this with calmness and safety?

Once mine was fully better and was let out into the rest of the apartment, this stopped completely.

I guess it's worth waiting to see if this continues once she's fully better and more settled and realises there are more comfy options available!
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Cats and kittens tend to do this when they are distressed and when they feel bad. Your poor kitten has been through a lot...being taken away from mom, being put in a shelter, getting sick, and being placed in a new home. It is not surprising therefore, that she's still a bit stressed. You might try getting a cardboard box for her to hide in until she feels better. Chances are that when she feels better and is more used to her new home, she will use the litter box only to potty in.
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Thanks so much. I just needed somebody to tell me not to worry so much. She was doing much better this morning and curled up in my lap for a bit before I went to work.

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