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Older cats change in behavior

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Precious is at least 15 and probably older. As she has aged she has been spending more an dmore time with me. Though I am home most of the day she usualy spends midmorning till afternoon sleeping aupstairs, but in the last couple of days. She is always where I am and today she just sat in the ktichen and looked at me and meowed (a couple of short ones and a regular one). She shouldn't be hungry - since she always has dry food and this has not been an issue before. One other thing that is new is that she has been shedding a lot more this last week. Any ideas what she is trying to tell me?
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hummm, my kitty is shedding too because of the warmer/humid weather - but to really know if her behavior is not related to anything Health related you would have to get her blood tested. Has she had a "senior blood profile" done? If nothing is medically wrong, she probably just wants some extra attention. It's time like these we wish we could read our kitties minds!

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Thank you for reminding be about the blood work-up. She had one over a year ago so I will need to check with the vet about that.
Precious is much perkyer than she had been and seems to have returned to her usual activity level. Though she is still shedding alot, I feel much better about her health.

Thanks again
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The weather prob has something to do with it, but at that age I would recommend yearly blood tests including thyroid, as that can cause increased hunger and vocalisation.
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Changes in behavior can be due to weather, but as kitties have no other way to communicate with you that something's wrong, we always take caution and head to the vet.

Hope all's fine!!!!!!!!!
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I would suggest taking her in for a vet check-up. Whenever a cat over the age of, say, nine has a personality change, it's a good sign something may be wrong with her health. Better to be safe, then sorry!

P.S. I don't normally up and suggest a vet visit up-front...it's just that it could easily be something wrong, per her age and change of personality.

Let us know how things turn out.
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