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litterbox problem

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I'm having a problem with my new kitten. We have only had him since Sunday, but he had been using the litterbox with no problem and all of a sudden yesterday afternoon he began choosing using ANY type of paper for his litter box. Yesterday it was my mail and today it was a picture my 2 yr old drew. The thing is that also it's the kitchen table that he goes to. I noticed this morning him sniffing around so I took him off the table and into the bathroom. In the meantime my daughter put her drawing down and he went straight for it

With 2 kids I do keep the litterbox clean at all times, so i know that's not the issue. How can I stop this behavior? Besides not leaving paper around, because sometimes I do just forget. I told my husband we should just try using a different type of litter (when I was younger my mother used to use newspapers) but he's worried about the smell.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know if this persists my husband will force me to get rid of him and that's the last thing I want.
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If you have not already taken him - suggest you take him for a check-up to eliminate any medical issues like a Urinary track infection (UTI) before assuming it just behavioral. Once he has a clean bill of health the behavioral part can be worked on.
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