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Good to hear from you Jen!!
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I can hardly wait to have you back regularly Jenn...
You kitties sound like they are doing great.
Thanks for the update.
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That enclosure sounds like kitty heaven. I'm so glad that Jimmy adjusted so quickly.
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Welcome Back Jenn!!

I've really missed reading about you and your crew and also look forward to updates and pics.
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Hey Jenn! Welcome back!

It's great to hear that you've settled in and how much the crew loves the enclosure. It sounds like kitty paradise. I'm especially glad to know that Jimmy is loving life and is a happy boy. I love that big guy! Thanks for the update. Take care for now.
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can't wait to be back regular either. got lots of pics to share real soon.

love you all!
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Ok.........got some new pics to share.....it's inside and outside pics of Kitty life here in the Cribbs house.

This is the outside of the enclosure as it is now. We have things leaning on the side to block air flow as it is winter and I don't want them cold. I have one side completely open so they can look out. It's not fancy but it works and they love it.

This is how we have the inside right now for the winter and ice stuff. I put plastic up and boards to block off and area 10x10 so they can be snug as a bug in a rug.

They love it.

This is just a little covered are they can lay on if they want to. Star likes this area.

And when they enter the kitty door leading into the house they have other kitty stuff to do.

This is a kitty shelf I made them for the living room. They love it.

They have two eating and drinking areas....

TO BE CONTINUED...........
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They have a kitchen lounge which they really use a lot.....

They have their own special corner.....

And they have a hidy hole I made them under the tv... This is Jimmy's favorite spot. Star kindly gave it to him.....

Star prefers this spot now. However, she gladly shares it with whoever needs it at the time...

This is one of their favorite spots... They watch the dreaded dogs from here...

And I don't know about the rest of you, but do your cats feel the need to use the restroom if you go....... I just don't get it. Or do they want to sit in your lap.... If I go to the restroom, they follow me. Two jump in the litter box and at least one needs to be held....

But sometimes they just lounge... This is their room.....hehe....

They own the house.......

Here is tink and Toe...... They are in lub....

And that's life today for Cribbs cats........

Jenn and the gang.
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Ok - my kits want to come visit...
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Jenn, that's pretty neat! How many kits do you have?
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How many........yikes......

Lets see now...... I think I'll list their names... that's the easiest way.... Before you freak out..... they are all fixed but the two youngest... I started out just feeding stray/ferals when we lived in town and this is where we ended up... We moved them with us because we couldn't leave them. We love them all. We can pet all of them but a couple ... Jimmy and Star are still feral. I can pet Star but not Jimmy..

I might add, nearly all of them are still terrified of other people. The only ones that dont' become invisible if people come over are Kissy, Toe, Yellow and Socks. The two youngest also stay around for now. Snoopy and Tulip. but I expect they will develop the mannerisms of the others as they grow. It would be impossible to adopt any of them out as they are wild and afraid of other people and we would not do that anyway. We love them. They will live their lives out with us in peace and safety and with love. And that's the way we want it. It's what my husband and I feel we were meant to do.. We never planned it but it's how things are and we would not change it for anything. The cats trust us and lay on us and love us. I have said it before and I will say it again....there is nothing like a feral cat meowing at you when they want something. People think we are nuts but this is OUR LIFE.


Adult Girls

Young Ones
Minny Pearl aka Princess

I guess that's it... And I might add......we are done.

A friend of my husbands brought his little son over too see all the kitties and none would come out. It was like we had no cats. The child was very disappointed....hehe..... But they become invisible at times.

We don't have a lot of luxeries for ourselves but what we have is enough and we are content with that..... We don't live beyond our means. What we have is paid for and we are proud of it. We take care of our own.

Jenn and the gang
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All I can say is WOW!! Bless your heart!
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Here's a few more pics..... These were all taken today.

This is in the enclosure. They are just piddling around playing and looking and getting fresh air. We have the ground work started for enlarging the enclosure but we just haven't done it yet. Husband is thinking about using sucker rod to make it permanent so we never have to replace anything. I have been looking at 110v welders to put a frame together.

We have the top of the winter-proofed area covered with a tarp to keep wind, rain, ice and snow out.. What we have discussed is to eventually make a permanent outdoor room that is 10x10 with a cat door with the from portion on hinges to open or close depending on weather. Husband is also thinking of running electricity to it and putting a ceiling fan in the closed in area for them. Nothing is definate yet concerning that. The sucker rod is definate however. It's hard to dig post holes in solid rock...

This is Honey Suckle... And she is pure sugar... A very sweet little girl with a wonderful wonderful soft silky hair coat.

This is Felix. He was a cat that took me 8 months or so to touch at the place we rented while we were working on this place. He had an infected foot that I couldn't do anything about. I finally managed to gain his trust. He had a pad that had been ripped off by an animal. He is a good boy. He started finally coming inside through the cat door last week. He has remained outdoors the entire four months we have lived here. Then a few days ago, boom......he was in here for some loving.. hehe

This is fat Jimmy. I still cant touch him. He stay in/out depending on his own whim. He hates bad weather so he comes in. He will sleep in the room with us now. We adopted him from a woman on this site. He has come a long way. He is laying down in the enclosure under the cat ramp leading to the kitty door. It is one of his nap spots. He is fat and sassy and I have high hopes that Jimmy will come to me one day. He gets close but does not approach me. March 19th.. we will have had him a year. I had to lay down in the hay and get under the ramp to get this picture. I woke Jimmy up. He is used to flashing lights in his eyes by now. I've taken a lot of pictures of him. He just lays there and takes it. By the way Eileen, I was about a foot from him when I took this picture. He lets me get close to him now but I still dont' touch him. I have a plan for that however. I will tell you about it if it works out.

This is Festus..... He has not ventured through the cat door yet. But he will one day. We have had him in the house but he runs back out the cat door into the enclosure. He is inside a tent inside the closed in area of the enclosure. There are three beds make of plywood and stuffed with hay inside the winterproofed area plus a kitty tent which is what you see here. Sometimes three cats snuggle in this tent. It is up high on top of the houses and warm. What you actually see in this picture is Festus lookng at me take the picture. but the black back is Cleo. They are in there together snuggling. She likes him.

And that's all I guess. This is a lot of uploading but this is what we have been up to since being off line. I'm trying to catch up......

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Here's my latest picture. I drew this while off line... It's not realistic but I enjoyed doing it. I have also decided to try my hand at stained glass. I am thinking of next payday getting the stuff for it. I've been reading about it.

Hope someone enjoys this. I haven't named it yet. It will come to me.

Jenn and the gang
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These were a couple years ago.... I love black backgrounds.

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Thank you KittyLover4Ever. We do our best and I might add, you sure got some pretty babies!!!

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Here is a couple more kitty pics from today...... This was picture day obviously.......hehe

This poor cow kitty. She is unable to ween her babies. She never gets a moments peace. She is a small cat and they are nearly as big as her.

Relaxing after a good meal......

This is Dovey being a box kitty...

and this is The Yellow Man and Cleo aka Pattie Cake Kitty. I have had them a long time. Yellow is pretty old. He wandered on our doorstep many years ago with a broken leg that had healed crooked. He is a great cat. Him and Cleo sleep with us every night and have for years. Cleo, even when the bed is made, roots up under it like a dog, settles in and snoozes. She is a big bump under the covers. My daughter was over last week and actually saw Cleo for the first time and I have had her for years. She is a very private cat who ONLY like hubby and me. Amy thought we were just making her up that she really didn't exist... hehe Cleo loves her yellow man.
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All of your babies are just beautiful! Truly they are! Did you literally draw those pics above freehand??????????
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Wow, bless you and your Husband for all you're doing for those sweet babies.
They are all so beautiful, but there is just something about Yellow Man that makes me want to hug him, he looks like such a sweet little man.

You're drawings are just amazing, I would love to be able to draw like that.
Unfortunaly I can't even draw stick people
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Yellow Man get lots of hugs. He is my husband primary cat. When hubby goes to bed, he calls Yellow and Yellow runs to go to bed... He is more like a dog than a cat. The enclosure was basically for him and Jimmy and JJ the three legged cat. Yellow, when he is out leaves for 6 weeks. Last time he did it, we never let him out again. So he loves the enclosure.

As far as the paintings.... These three I drew on the computer free hand with a paint program . I also paint oils. I love to paint. My family has oils hanging in their house that I have done. I have a few paints and a few canvases but no paint room. I prefer oils to the quick dry varity because I like to blend. But I feel anyone can paint. It is just a feeling inside you that you express. My best oils are done rapidly.. before I have time to think about them. I have one other I drew on the computer. I'll attach it to this.

These 4 are the only computer drawings I have done. The others are all canvas. This is called Purple Water.

None of my paintings are exactly reality. They all have a touch of something a little surreal.

Thanks for the compliments.

p.s. The first one [the blue waterfall one] took approx 4 months to do. I wa off line a while and kept working on it. The landscape with this message I did in approx 14 days. Couple weeks. The others were rapid. I love "What's out There"..... It is my favorite.
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By the way, the last one I sent, I have never been happy with. It is subject to change. I have never completely finished it. It is blaise.. Just not quite there yet.
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Jenn...you are a force of nature.
I love what you are doing with your new home, the enclosure, your fur tribe, your art.....

Don't ever leave us again.
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This is one I drew in an hr..... It doesn't make sense probably to you. I was angry at the world when I created it. My mother died of lymphoma Oct the 6th. This is called cancer. The top left hand corner is the peaceful little world we all live in while unknown.......right below us the cancer is eating away at everything that is good....

She took three chemo treatments. She started out with small cell lymphoma and the first treatment which last 3-4 months caused large cell lymphoma. Small cell grows slow, large cell grows fast. She took a stronger treatment and it didn't work. She tried one last treatment and took one dose and two weeks later she died.

Chemotherapy killed her and not the cancer. She would have lived longer had she done nothing.. She was 70 and didnt' want to die and she was scared.

So I drew this the week the week she died angry as hell at the world.

Just my interpretation of the chaos that cancer causes...

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I'll be around....... As long as hughes.net stays in business.........hee hee

Hey xo.........I posted this somewhere else but I have to show it to you...

check jj out..... He looks confused...

It shows him in all his three leggedness......... He a lovey dovey..... I probably should have covered him up a little, you think???

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The enclosure is awesome, Jenn, and it looks like the cats are loving it! All of your kitties are beautiful but I obviously have a soft spot for that big, handsome boy, Jimmy. Hard to believe we're coming up on a year since you adopted him. I'm so glad he had a home and such a wonderful life with you. Can't wait to hear about how your plan to touch him goes!

Your drawings are gorgeous. You're so talented!
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It's gone by so fast. This last year has flown by.......zoom!!

And I'll let you know how it goes as far as touching him . But in the next few days, I am going to push him a little. Not much but just a little. I have been very patient with him due to his extreme fear of humans but I feel this is the time for him. He has come so far with us.... We take his presence for granted now. He is always around us... He never sleeps outside.

I did tell you a couple months ago, my husband picked him up and carried him in the house didn't I?. Jimmy didn't like it but he did not fight or scratch him either or try to get away. Hubby needed all the cats inside the house so he could do some stuff in the enclosure and I guess Jimmy knew Juan meant business so he cooperated... He let him pick him up. He sat in the corner and Juan had his gloves on [just in case] but Jimmy didn't scratch or bite.

hehe....... Jimmy trusts us but there is still so much he doesn't know and hasn't experienced yet. He has crossed the line as far as knowing this is HIS HOUSE and being a house cat is the way to go... He knows he enjoys the house and he knows he hates bad weather and would rather be inside. I was so worried he would not come in doors when he discovered the enclosure but out of Felix, Festus and Jimmy, .......Jimmy was the first to come in side on his own and he did it the first time it rained while we lived here.

He just hates he has to share his house with humans!

One more funny thing about Jimmy. You know I was saying earlier, Jimmy did not scratch Juan or bite him when he picked him up??? Well, he has scratched Juan in the past. But not intentional. And several times... At least 4-5 times. When Jimmy was still so afraid, Juan seemed to always pick an area of the house to do stuff where Jimmy was. He wouldn't realize Jimmy was hiding and so several times Jimmy ran across Juan's bare feet scurrying to get away from the "Big Man".... so several times I have put antibiotic ointment on poor Juan's feet where Jimmy has scratched him..hehehehee

Isn't that funny?..........oh lordy......

Juan is funny. When we were moving, I was at this place working while he was at the old place working. When I got home [where we used to live] Juan came running out of the empty house and said.. "Honey I got some bad news"....... Jimmy is under the house..."

I said "what? How did he get there"....... He thought he might have went through a wall or something...

You see, he was packing and moving furniture out while I was getting the new place ready. All the cats......except Jimmy were in a bedroom together. He searched the house and couldn't find Jimmy but he saw a cat under the house and thought it was Jimmy. It was actually Felix who looks like Jimmy........hehe. Hubby was freaked out. I went in the empty house and Jimmy was under the kitchen sink in his hiding spot. He loves lower cabinets. He knew how to get behind the drawers in that house.

And one other thing Elaine. Since we have moved, Jimmy has felt no need to cling to his old crate. I have always kept it within his reach for security but he has finally given it up....

He lived in that crate for months, at least 4-5, after we got him. In his closet cave.. wow.........he is a different kitty now. I'm so proud of Jimmy..
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My husband and I stood inthe rain today freezing and put tin on the cat enclosure's roof to keep the rain out today.

Should have ice by morning... My kitties will be snug if they choose to be outside.
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I'm proud of Jimmy too, Jenn, and so grateful to you and hubby for your patience and the care you've given the Big Guy. I hope Juan has recovered from his scratches! That's amazing that he was able to actually pick Jimmy up. It really shows how much he's come to trust you guys. Glad you didn't actually lose him under the house!

I think given how much time has passed, it would be fine to push Jimmy a little, especially since you know him and his limits so well. Can't remember if I told you, but I put a lot of time into socializing Jimmy's little sister, Jessie (who looked A LOT like him) from another litter. She was funny little thing, would his and growl if you approached her, but then absolutely melt when touched and held. I think big brother Jimmy's got it him too.

Let me know how it goes and stay warm.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post

It shows him in all his three leggedness......... He a lovey dovey..... I probably should have covered him up a little, you think???
Awww just look at him, so soft and plump.
A comfy pillow for the other kitties.
He is such a love.
You may want to submit this photo to Playgirl Kitty Magazine.
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Well, JJ would win....definately.... All the girls kitty's just love him..... young and old. He just has some studly quality that they all want to be near...

And Jimmy....... Elly, sometimes I get the feeling "jimmy dashes" because he is just used to it... It has nothing to do with fear. It's more like Star does. Just maintaining that little bit of distance. The only difference between star an jimmy right now is that star lets me touch her when she is laying down with other cats even to the point of me nuzzling her with my face...like a head bump.. She actully purrs a very tiny purr at times....[a very svery mall purr]. Jimmy's mannerisms and where he chooses to lay are exactly how star does in just about every other way.

In my bedroom, we dont' have a door because I didn't want one but I need put up a 4 foot piece of plywood on hinges on a temp basis to keep the kittens out of the bedroom so they can't go out the kitty door. They are still small enough to get through the 2 x4 inch welded wire. All the other cats [except JJ] can jump over it so it doesn't hinder them. JJ meows for us to open it and let him through. He's a talker. But Jimmy when he is sitting in the hallway and I need to go through to the restroom or something jumps on top of this peice of plywood. It is an inch thick and he sits there while I pass right beside him. He pauses there and watches me. He knows he can quickly jump to either side so he is NOT nervous on top of the plywood. He can walk up and down the 1" board like he is an acrobat. I have some pics of him standing up on the shelf that seperates the kitchen and the living room that I need to post. He is close in size to JJ. He is not fat like JJ however. He has long legs and big bones... and looks firm. I think if I picked him up, he would actually let me hold him for a moment.

I think also if I pet him while his back is turned to me on the plywood, it would be like I used to pet Star.......when she wasn't looking. He might stay there and enjoy it... Star, if her head is turned away, and I scratch above her tail .. arches upward. She likes it but just doesn't accept the fact that she likes it.......hehe

Jimmy is a good cat.....and he knows it. He is just still holding back... But I have a feeling 2007 will be a very good year for Jimmy and Star.....

We also have candles for a possible power outage due to ice. Thank god our heat does not rely on electricity. I have tons of containers of water so the pets can drink because our well needs electricity for the water to be pumped. We have plenty of propane... If I don't write during the next days or so it is probaby due to an outage. We bought lots of canned good yesterday and we can put milk and sandwich stuff outside since the air is cold enough so it won't spoil. The freezer has lots of freezer bags inside so that stuff should be ok. If not, I will dig a hole and cover stuff up with ice to keep it from spoiling.

We'll be ok......... Where you are is going to get hit hard. You stay warm as well elly.......

Back in a flash,
Jenn and the gang
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