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What's your specialty???

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Do you have a special recipe that everyone loves and you have to bring it to every occasion, or your family would eat it for dinner every night if they could?

I have a few different ones : Taco Dip, Chocolate chip cream cheese brownies, and the stuffing I make at Thanksgiving.

I also wanted to add that if you do, please share the recipe in the Cookbook Fundraiser forum
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My Seven Layer Cookies and Cherry Cheese Pie
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Chicken Cassarole and Egg Bake
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tri color tortellini pasta salad!
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My wonderful nutella and strawberry cake
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Lo-fat guacamole and key lime pie. I believe the guac recipe was in the last cookbook, and I follow the pie recipe on the bottle of key lime juice
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Cream Cheese spread. I make it in my mixer, and it's a little different every time. People love it.
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My cassata (my grandmother's recipe), and for my mil's secret fruit pie recipe that she shared with me (no, I won't put it in the cookbook!)

My recipe for low carb sausage balls (already in the cookbook, as is the cassata I think - though it may have been in the first cookbook).

I also make a wonderful pesto tortellini salad, and pork burgers with mushrooms and asiago
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My mom's mustard potato salad. I've been making it in her place for YEARS now. "Measurements? We don't need no stinkin measurements!!!"
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My specialty is prepackaged store brand baked goods...I cannot bake or cook to save my life
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Is included beverages here Karen?
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Black bottom pie
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
Is included beverages here Karen?
Sure Rigel!
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