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Our daily thread - Thursday March 29

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Where is everyone today? I actually started this thread today. Who would have thought. It seems awfuly quiet here on the forums. Just checking to make sure everyone is alright. Hissy, Blue, threeleggedcat, MeowMan, Debby, Anne, Sandie, etc..etc..etc.

Hope all is having a wonderful day... Can't wait for the weekend
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Today was a busy day. I had a lot of stuff to do at work and then I came home and got the house cleaned. I figured I wanted Fri night to relax since I will be at the cat show all weekend. Monday I am going to Cape Cod to do a one day clinic up there and its a 4 hour drive one way. So I had to get some stuff ready because we have to leave at O dark thirty to get there. We have clinic tomorrow, so I knew I wouldnt have time then.
I am just now sitting down to relax thank goodness!! It is going to rain the next 3 or 4 days so thats a little bit of a bummer. I thrive on warmth and sunshine!! Oh, I made an appt with the vet for my 3 new babies. They will be 3 months on the 9th of April so they need their Rabies and feline distemper, they have had the one distemper, but I cant give rabies. SO they are going for thier very 1st checkup.
I hope everyone is just having a busy day!!! It is kind of lonely here.
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Hi guys!

Yup, it sure is quiet here today. It's now 8:40 p.m. and I'm still at work waiting to go home. I too have the same cat show as Sandie. The only time I get to do my housework and stuff is in the mornings. Work is quiet. Hope you guys had a great day!

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Hi all, it's been kind of dreary weather here in Iowa, but despite that, I spent about 4 hours outside with the cats, which was a lot of fun of course! I tied a string to a gutter and Buddy and Tweek were having a blast swatting and jumping at it. At first I was just running around with the string behind me, but that didn't last long!

The kittens are getting bigger already and will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. The red tabby has his eyes open now. The almost all white has his eyes closed. I was wondering about Wiggles (the blue-point white) though. He has just one eye open. Should I give the other eye a couple days or do I need to do something? I had to laugh at the momma being protective because I had the red tabby and he started crying, so she came and took him away from me and put him back in the nest! She's just the sweetest cat I've ever had.
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Fireshoes, I must see a posted picture of the red tabby (well all the babies, really).

Busy?!? You could say that. After regular work, had to stay until 6:30 for parent conferences. These were the "your kid will probably be repeating this grade" ones.

After that, I had to run out to the university to catch my class, or what was left of it.

Plus, it is raining here in good old Tampa, which means 1) drought relief, and 2) people cannot remember how to drive.

Glad to be home after a long day, and looking forward to going to sleep to the rain (one of my favorite "free" things)

Good day and happy thoughts to all.
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Deb, you sure are right about Floridians forgetting how to drive in rainy weather!! I had a heck of a time on the turnpike today!
But, no matter how stressed I get during the day, it always brings my blood pressure down to get a big whiff of kitty fur!! Does anyone else love the smell of kitty bellies, or is it just me??
One good thing about this rainy weather...taking a long cat nap with all my cats!
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How can you avoid sniffing when it's sitting on your shoulder swishing a tail in your face?
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Tired seems to be the word of the day! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. It rained all day here in Western NC, too. Much needed but,kind of dreary!
Sleep well, guys! It's way past my bedtime!
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