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The daily events in our lives 6/29/2006

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Well its sunny right now-we got some rain twice yesterday-I was dropping off bags of mulch at a clients house (I spent too much time shopping) and got quite wet!!
Today I harvested my 1st batch of basil for a speciality bread place. Have many many errands to run (plus more shopping) and have to spread the mulch (cocoa bean hulls on the flowers garden I planted Tuesday) Emailed a client about a potential job.
Slept poorly last nigh I was awake from 2:00 am until after 4:00 I would not get a comfy position and one cat kept me awake too!!

Enjoy your day
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Good Morning everyone

Just another day at work here.... nothing much to report! Except that its Thursday, which means tomorrow is..... FRIDAY!! Don't have any weekend plans, John has to work all weekend, so thats no fun

I'll probly go over and see the kittens sometime this weekend and hopefully get to snap some updated pics for you all

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!
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Afternoon ladies It's lovely and sunny here.

Tonight i'm going to have a look for my wedding outfit for my Directors daughters wedding in september so fingers crossed.

Nothing really planned for the weekend but i'm pleased because i need a weekend of doing nothing, not even retail therapy!
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Good Morning! I slept well last night knowing that John was out of ICU. Its been a busy day so far getting ready for June accounts to close so I havea lot to do before the holidays! Getting last minute things ready for the races Saturday as I won't be able to tomorrow becasue we will be watching fireworks after work!
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Good Morning All!

I had some really good much needed QT with hubby last night! So that was good. And I slept well till 4am...the thunder & lightening woke me again, and of course had her majesty awake... my neighborhood is severly flooded, and they began evacuating people from a few blocks away... fortunately I am at the top of a hill, and not near the river. Here is the link if you wanna check it out... my neighborhood is called Manayunk:

But so far today no rain!

Have a great day!!!
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Morning all!! Today is pretty well.....I guess we are gonna go back out on the boat after bit (course with aunt flo here, dunno how much fun i will have) Anyhoo-hope everyone enjoys their day!!
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Today is quite busy for me. I had to rush Coco (my roommate's kitty - roomie is out of town) to the vet this morning because I noticed that he was peeing blood, and only blood. So, I took him over there. They think it's just a bladder infection, but they're keeping him for a few hours to try to get some urine from him and to make sure. The poor little guy, I feel so badly for him. Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery.

This afternoon I have to teach an On the Ball class at the gym and then at 6pm I have my Ethical & Legal Issues for the Counseling Prof. class until 10 pm!

Following that I'm hoping to be able to relax with my boyfriend and a few friends. Between all of the stuff going on today, and the excitement of my nephew being born yesterday...I could stand for a relaxing evening!!!

So the plan with Coco is this: if they call and say he's ready to be picked up before I teach, I'll head over to get him, if not, my wonderful boyfriend has agreed to get him, bring him back to my apartment, and make sure he's settled in ok. Thank goodness for good guys!
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I have a bit of a hang over today, but am recovering nicely. I'm at work and it's busy as all get out. I hope everyone has a great day. Pet your babies for me.
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Today started off really bad for me. Around 4 a.m. the boys (my cats) decided that it was time for their version of the Indy 500. At 5 a.m., they decided that they really wanted to scratch on the door frame (I rent, so this always gets me out of bed) but to do that, they had to pull down the towel that was pushpinned over the door frame.

Once I was officially up, and as I was trying to put food in their dishes, the boys were very effective in getting under my feet. Scotty's paw got stepped on and I accidentally kicked Oscar (not hard, I promise).

After that, I came to work, had one meeting, had lunch and then I have another meeting later. I guess I've done some work too.
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