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Games pets play

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Now that the cats have gotten used to Ike, they are having some wonderful romps. Rowdy has invented a cross between "peek-a-boo" and "tag". She hides behind or inside something and waits for Ike or Opie to pass by. She peeks out, to see if they're coming and, then jumps out onto them. Last night, I walked into the kitchen, to find Ike stretched out, full length, with Rowdy attached to his face. She had her front paws wrapped around his neck and was chewing on his jowls. Ike just laid there, with a dumb look on his face. I wish that I had had the camera handy. Opie and Rowdy have some wild wrestling matches, too. Ike tried to join in, last night but, Opie wasn't having any part of that. He swatted Ike and called him a dirty name. We don't dare leave Ike in the house, when we're gone. He and Rowdy would totally wreck the house. They do provide a lot of entertainment for Bill and me.
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Rascal likes to play the peekaboo, hideandsick, and tag game, too! He also likes to attack the "thing" under the blanket, and play with his toy snake! And toy mice!
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Ivo likes the "wrasslin' in the kitty condo" game. She gets in the tubes at the top and lays on her back. I reach through the other one and tap her. She either swats at my hand or chews on my hair. The best part of the game is when she gets so excited, she starts to fall out of the condo and I have to catch her. She also likes to hide behind doors and play with things stuck under, like fingers, toes, the cat dancer, etc.
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I just remembered. When I make the bed, Rascal would hide under the bed and as I move about, tries to catch my toes.
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My two like playing a game called "Peek". It worked best when they were little and each could be on a shelf on an open bookcase. Now they do it on the cat tree. One is on a higher level than the other, and the one on the lower level reaches up and swats at whatever is visible from the one on top. Of course, the top cat has to swat back, leading to more swats from the lower cat. They can do that for quite a while, and it is so funny to watch! It got dubbed "Peek" because when there was a quiet in the action, the top cat would try to peek down and see if the other was still there, which of course would lead to a bop on the head. :laughing2:
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Rowdy and Ike were so cute, a little while ago. Rowdy was sitting on the table by the couch and Ike was on the couch. Since they were level, Ike decided to slurp Rowdy. His tongue is bigger than her face, so she wound up rather damp. She took it pretty well, though - she licked him back. I think these two are going to be good buddies.
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Leo (20 lbs.) has decided that he wants to be buddies with my reclusive little Pearl (7 lbs.). She is afraid of him and will cower down and hiss. He will stand over her and give her a big, wet slurp across the top of the head. Then he will run around the corner and peek at her. She usually runs and hides. When they eat in he evening, he will stand next to her and lean close. That is the only time she will tolerate him being that close. It is SO cute. He is such a big goofy sweet thing, I wish she could be nicer to him. He looks so hurt when she rejects him.
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Everyone except Mitzi likes to charge one another. Xavier will hide behind the nearest object, wiggle his butt and then run out at Fallon, swat at her and then run away. Fallon will run off and then repeat those actions to Sampson who will do that back.
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These are so cute. I can picture them all! Precious, like all cats, likes to attack what's under the blanket, but lately she is playing the monster under the blanket! I have a throw on the couch that I use when I take a nap. I discovered that she likes the blanket to cover her; then she stays perfectly still until Blueberry jumps on the couch. Poor Blueberry; he falls for it every time She is so good at this that I forget she's there. I am a good "substitute" target. I usually fix the blanket so that she can look out, so that if you look carefully, you can see two blue eyes with huge pupils looking back!
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