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now what!?!?

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val has these little red bumps down by her bottom 2 teets and the underside of her legs. they kinda look like bug bites or pimples. anyone know what this could be? i tried looking online and found nothing. we are trying to get her into the vet as soon as we can but we are just absolutly broke for the next month... like no money whats so ever. what should i do?!? i'm starting to panic.
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It's not possible to diagnose or treat Val via an online forum. She needs to be examined by a professional.
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i'm not trying to get a diagnosis. i'm trying to see if it sounds familiar. i know she needs to be seen but there is really nothing i can do about it. i have NO money what so ever. thanks for your input though!
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Yes it sounds familiar and has many causes please find a way to the vet ASAP .... ask about a payment plan...
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Where in missouri are you?
How many bumps are there? Are they itchy? How long have they been there? Is she strictly indoors, or does she spend a lot of time outside?
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Even if you do find out what it could be, she will still need to be treated/medicated for it, so you should look at ways of getting her in..
Ie, try a payment plan as above, sell something, ask friends/family for a loan..
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there are like 2 or three that i see. one big one. i dont know how long they have been there. i live in Jefferson City. she likes to be outside during the daytime so we let her outside during the day and she comes iside at night (unless its cold then she just stays inside.) i'm not sure if they itch her but i saw her licking her stomache and thats how i saw them. we are having a garage sale this weekend and there is a retired vet in Chamois that can give diagnosises and shots but doesnt do surgery and he is really cheap so we were going to take her there ASAP but that means that we wont be able to take the cats in for spays/ neuters. ahh!!! i'm a horible person!
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From what I've read, you're just a kid! Do not blame these things on yourself. By being a member here, you are oviously trying to do what's best. If your family can't afford treatment because, uh, human need to eat, there's nothing you can do!
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Do you have other cats or kittens? the other cats or kittens maybe bit her. or other cats out side did this. I would take her to the vet. Oh. you poor baby. your not a horible person. I would keep her inside for right now.
Good Luck!

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thanks guys. yeah i'm only 15. i dont think the cats did it b/c the kittens dont even get near Val. they arn't to fond of her yet. i think tonight i'm going to bring her in and give her a bath and see if that helps a little. you guys make me feel better.
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well i dont know if the bath helped but she sure does smell better
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So val is a daschund? It sounds to me like skin allergies- especially with her being a low to the groud dog-- Willy's allergies are horrible this year!!!!!!!! My advise)besides going to the vet ) is to limit her time outside to just potty time, until you can find out what is irratating her. It could be bug bites as well, since you said theres 2 or 3 of them Have you ever seen them on her before?

Here are some low cost spay/nueter sites- thats how I got Chichi spayed when I was only like 10 years old. I contacted them, letting them know I was a kid and had a cat I needed to have spayed, and I did'nt have any money at all- I think it cost me about 20 bucks or so- but that was a long time ago--
BTW- how many kitties need spay/neuter?
this one sounds cool
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i'll bring her in now. yeah she is a Daschund/ fox terrier mix (she looks more daschund to me though) i've never seen these before on her. i need 2 spays and 1 neuter for the cat and kittens. can they do dogs too or is it just cats?

turns out my mom has other plans for the rummage sale money so i am going to work my butt off at my grandma's (she over pays. hee hee.) and by the middle of July i should have enough for the cat's sapys/ neuters and shots. my first priority is to get Val to the vet so she can get checked out. my mom is calling the cheap retired vet guy who is up in Chamois tonight to see how much all the meds and shots for Val will be.

i love my cats but right now Val is my priority before she gets really sick. i have about 20 some dollars of my own money saved up. i dont think it will be enough but hopefully my mom will spare a little money. please send Val some get well vibes and me some money making vibes.
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Best of luck please update when you get back from the vet.

They should offer low cost spay/nueter for dogs- I don't see why not-the prices may be different though
I say if you can, get the boy nuetered asap. that way he cannot impregnate the females or start spraying your house
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Is Val a puppy? Puppies sometimes get puppy pyoderma which is a minor skin infection. Looks like little pimples on their belly and the insides of their back legs. Easily cleared up with some antibiotics. I wouldn't stress too much- if this is the case it will only cost you a vet visit and a perscription.
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Dr. Doolittle, that is exactly what it looks like. she is about 3 years old. she's ganna be 4 in september. does that mean she is still a puppy?
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No, not a puppy anymore but it could still be just a skin infection. I wouldn't panic until you get her to the vet- just let him/her know ahead of time that there is a $$$ issue.
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will do. thanks guys!
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